Strickland to camp in Athens

ATHENS – Georgia's annual summer camp, which features some of the top players in the South interested in the Bulldogs, will include the first player to commit to Georgia for the Class of 2007. Four-star offensive lineman, and Georgia commit Tanner Strickland will be at Georgia's summer camp.

It was almost a year ago that Tanner Strickland decided he wanted to be a Bulldog. His decision came a month after he visited Georgia for the Bulldogs' 2005 summer camp. Strickland was a junior, and was looking to impress. This year he'll be back at camp, he'll be looking to convince others to come to Georgia with him.

"I'll be working out. I want to go through all of the drills," Strickland said. "I think that is what Coach Callaway wants me to do."

Strickland is one of six Georgia commits that will be at Georgia's camp. Only South Carolina's Charles White may not make the camp.

Strickland said he has been working out this summer in addition to his duties working for Berrien County's school district.

"After work I usually run a couple of miles," Strickland said. "Then at six o'clock we run sprints. I usually try to work running stadiums into the day as well."

Strickland's body is big, but not full of fat. He lists himself at 310, but there is very little fat on him – his limbs are huge. Physically he's a cross between Nick Jones and former center Brad Stafford. Strickland might have the biggest-sized wrists of all 2007 prospects in the South.

Strickland expects about 250 to 300 prospects to attend Georgia's camp.

"That's about how many I remember from last season," he said.

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