Danny Ware is one of three great tailbacks for the University of Georgia. In his two-year career, he has already over 1,200 rushing yards and 7 touchdowns. The junior from Rockmart has averaged five yards a run every time he touches the ball. This year is no different from years past in that he will be fighting for playing time. This week he did not have to fight to find time to talk to me.

Dave McMahon -- How has summer workouts have been?

Danny Ware -- Man, this summer it has been a grind, but it has to be that way. This year we want that National Championship. In the past we have been 1 or 2 games short, this year we want it.

DM -- This summer, are you any bigger, stronger or faster?

DW -- I think I am a little faster. I have slimmed down some, too.

DM -- What are you improved on the most since coming to Georgia?

DW -- Probably more overall awareness of the game.

DM -- What do you still need to work on?

DW -- Even though I am getting faster, I still want to get even more faster and work on my hip flexibility.

DM -- Due to uncertainity of the quarterback situation, do you and the rest of the running backs have extra pressure on them this upcoming season?

DW -- We are OK with the qb situation, but we are putting extra pressure on us, because we always want to play better.

DM -- You were successful last year catching the ball out of the backfield, do you think we will see more of that?

DW -- I enjoy catching the ball. I always joke around with Coach Eason by telling him that I want to be a wide receiver. I just want to be involved with the offense as much as I can.

DM -- What do you think about the situation between you and Thomas Brown and Kregg Lumpkin?

DW -- All 3 of us are so competitive. I think if you lined us up for a ten one hundred yard dashes, we would be pretty equal on every race, with each of us winning a few times.

DM -- You have another running backs coach, describe Coach Ball?

DW -- I like him a lot. He is very spiritual. He opens our mind a lot.

DM -- Thank you very much and good luck during the upcoming season.

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