Captain, My Captain

Frank Ros was the captain of the 1980 National Champion. He was not the biggest, strongest nor the fastest, but he always gave it his all. He is still very successful of the field. This past weekend I saw him at the Georgia camps and we had a chance to talk.

Dave McMahon -- What are you doing now?

Frank Ros -- I am an assistant VP at Coca-Cola. I have been doing this for 11 years.

DM -- When people realize who you are, how quickly do they mention Herschel Walker?

FR -- First they mention the National Championship, then they mention Herschel.

DM -- Being from a foreign country, how much did you know about football here in the United States?

FR -- I knew nothing until 7th grade. So about 5 years before I played at Georgia. Everything in Spain was soccer. We only had one channel on the TV and that was run by the government, so I didn't have any exposure of anything outside the country. The only football I knew was soccer.

DM -- Coming into that 1980 season, did you know that team was something special?

FR -- The seniors knew we had something special. Even as freshmen when we all lived at McWhorter Hall, we all dreamed about winning a championship. Later in our collegiate careers we talked about it some more and even more when we became seniors.

DM -- Why do you think Coach Dooley chose you as the team's captain?

FR -- It was certainly not because I was the best player. I was far from it. I think it was because I worked extremely hard for everything. I always wanted more and Coach Dooley saw that. That was what our 1980 team was based on, hard work. So probably that is why Coach Dooley chose me.

DM -- That defense had a lot of strong players such as Jimmy Payne, Eddie Weaver, Nate Taylor and Scott Woerner, but what was the overall strength of that defense?

FR -- We were a very good bend-don't-break defense. The opponents moved from 20 to 20, but they wouldn't score. We were also good gang tacklers. If you watch film on our defense we always had 11 guys on the ball. We would force turnovers and that is how you build a winning team.

DM -- Do you still talk to any of your former teammates?

FR -- Being the captain, it is my job to organize the reunions. We have had some very successful reunions in the past. We have around 95% of our players returning to them. In the past week I talked to Scott Woerner, Hugh Nall and Bob Kelly.

DM -- What about Coach Russell?

FR -- I call him every now and then. We also see each other every year at the letterman's golf tournament.

DM -- What about Coach Dooley?

FR -- We talk to each other quite a bit. We are also involved with a lot of the same organizations.

DM -- Late in the National Championship game you were seen talking to Coach Dooley, do you remember what you said?

FR -- It was late in the game and Buck hit Amp Arnold for his only completion. Right then I knew we were going to win. Notre Dame had no timeouts and unless we gave it away, we were going to win. So I looked at Coach Dooley and told him that. Coach Dooley of course never counted his chickens before they hatched and looked at me with a stern look, but a few seconds later we won and it was all smiles.

DM -- This week, I saw you at the Georgia camps. There were a few hundred fans there, was there anything like this when you were coming here?

FR -- Not at all.

DM -- This year, your son was a camper, does he want to come to Georgia?

FR -- He would like to come to Georgia. I have one son at Auburn already, but my other son likes Georgia. He will be a junior this year, so he keeps working hard, who knows what we happen. I always believe if you work hard, good things will happen.

DM -- Are you more amazed at the speed of the players these days or the size?

FR -- I am amazed at the speed of the game, but as the speed increased so has the size of the players. So both.

DM -- Next time Georgia plays for a National Championship, how quickly are you getting tickets?

FR -- Soon as I find out how, I am getting tickets for me and my family. How great would it be if my son was playing for a Georgia team that was going for a championship as well!

DM -- Thank you for your time and answers.

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