The Next Big Hitter

Antavious Coates injured his left knee last season and missed all of 2005. It is unknown if he would have played or not, but this year he is ready. Football is in his blood. His first cousin is former all-pro tight end Ben Coates. But this South Carolina native plays defense and one thing he really likes doing is making the big hit. Will he be the next big hitter at Georgia? We will soon see.

Dave McMahon -- How has the summer been?

Antavious Coates -- It's been good. I feel like I am on top of my game right now. I am ready.

DM -- You have played football all your life... how hard was it to sit out a full season?

AC -- It was very hard, but I took advantage of it. I learned a lot from how the coaches saw things. I also studied the safties in the game. I have also watched films on Thomas Davis and Sean Jones when they played here.

DM -- What is your favorite part about being a safety?

AC -- Hitting. I love hitting and making the big play. I want the opponents to realize they shouldn't come anywhere near my territory.

DM -- Greg Blue told me after the season last year that you were the next big hitter on Georgia's team... what do you think about that?

AC -- It is a great compliment coming from him.

DM -- Coming from South Carolina, how much did you know about Georgia before coming here?

AC -- I guess it was my sophomore year. Then later on I took my visits and thought this was a great place for me to play.

DM -- Why did you eventually choose Georgia?

AC -- I loved the atmosphere. The coaches and players were all great.

DM -- What are the overall strengths of this secondary?

AC -- We all are guys that have a good combination of speed, size, cover ability and we love to hit and make tackles. There is not one thing we do well, we try to do them all.

DM -- Thank you for your time and good luck this upcoming season.

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