Making The Right Decision

Mike Bobo has had a successful career at Georgia in both as a player and as a coach. During his playing days, Bobo led the Dawgs to a Top-10 ranking and a 10-win season in 1997. He has also been the QB coach since 2001 and has led players David Greene and D.J. Shockley to record breaking careers. This season he has 4 quarterbacks to deal with as he explains in this interview.

Dave McMahon -- What is the job of an assistant coach during the summer?

Mike Bobo -- I have to keep track of my players. I have to make sure their academics are being kept up. I am scouting my opponents and breaking them down. Also I am getting some rest and getting ready for the long haul.

DM -- You were also involved with the summer camps last week, what do you look for and do you ever find a diamond in the rough?

MB -- You look for how these players compete with other players with the same or better ability. You see how they respond to coaching. You always find a few players that surprise you. Mikey Henderson is a player on Georgia that had an outstanding camp a few years back and we offered him a scholarship.

DM -- Which camps did you go to when you were in high school?

MB -- They had 3-day camps when I was in high school. I went to the Georgia camp and Auburn's. I also went to the Quarterback / Wide Receiver camp at NC State. I also went to a camp at Furman not because I wanted to go there, but to learn more.

DM -- When you played here, you were a backup for Eric Zeier for awhile, but finally got your chance, do you use this as an example when you talk to Joe Tereshinski III, Blake Barnes and Joe Cox?

MB -- It is always good when you can pull from experience. But I always teach them that they have to be ready. When I was a redshirt freshman I was thrown in the Georgia Tech game because Zeier got hurt. You always have to be ready and that is what I teach them. I want these guys fighting every day. It is a constant competition.

DM -- Tell me something about Joe T III?

MB -- He is extremely competitive. If I tell him something it better be the right thing, because he will do exactly what I say.

DM -- What about Blake Barnes?

MB -- He is a guy that is constantly getting better. He has a very good work ethic.

DM -- Joe Cox?

MB -- Big time competitor. Thinks he's the best, which I like. He is a winner, I mean look what he did in high school... did they lose?

DM -- Matthew Stafford?

MB -- Unlimited potential in the way he throws the ball. He is a smart kid. He still makes some mistakes, but he is freshman and he is learning.

DM -- How often do you talk to Coach Richt about the quarterbacks?

MB -- Not as much as people think. He knows what is going on. I am sure he will make the right decision on who is the best fit for this team. It may be one person or two or three... who knows?

DM -- Your father was your high school coach, did that influence you in becoming a coach?

MB -- I grew up watching my dad coach and how my friends held him in high regard. I wanted to be a high school coach just like my dad, but when this came up I couldn't refuse.

DM -- Thank you for your time and answers.

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