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David Perno has been the head coach at Georgia since 2002 and has been a very successful. Under his helm the Dawgs have been to the College World Series 2 times in 5 seasons. This week pitching coach Roger Williams resigned and Coach Perno will now handle the pitching staff himself. Even though his season ended about a month ago, he has been very busy, but he found time to talk to me.

Dave McMahon -- Everytime I drive by Foley Field I see games being played, how many baseball camps are there?

David Perno -- Well we start off with team camps. After that we have 2 individual camps for middle and high school kids. After that we have some 2-day camps.

DM -- Do many of your players, coaches and staff assist you at the camps?

DP -- We have a lot of them here. It just depends on who stays in town.

DM -- Have you ever had a player that impresses you in these camps, that later on you offered him a scholarship?

DP -- It happens. It happened to one of our current players, Justin Holloway. It doesn't happen as much now.

DM -- In addition to being the head coach, you will also handle the pitching coach duties... Georgia lost some good pitchers, but it is pretty good staff coming back, right?

DP -- We have a lot of good gus coming back and they won a lot of big games for us. We will have to see what they got next year.

DM -- One of the guys coming back in Joshua Fields, how about that season last year?

DP -- We needed someone to step it up in the bullpen last season and Fields did it. The biggest thing about next season, is that he will have to do it without Rip Warren setting him up.

DM -- Have you been following the latest group of Bulldogs that have just been drafted?

DP -- I follow them all. I have their stats bookmarked on my computer. Coach Jester does a great job and he keeps me updated as well.

DM -- Who are some of the players that we might not know now, but will next season?

DP -- There a couple guys. Nick Montgomery, Ben Jeffers, Iain Sebastian are just a few. There are more. Anything that are incoming freshmen can do would be a bonus. There are a lot of good players in that group.

DM -- Thank you for your time and answers.

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