A Hidden Treasure

Many Georgia fans have been by Butts-Mehre and have marvelled at the collection that the athletic department have saved throughout the years. What many fans don't know is that there is another secured room that in the Stegeman Coliseum that has 1,000's more Bulldog memorabilia in it. The man that is in charge of all of this incredible stuff is museum curator and archivist Tim Pennell.

Dave McMahon -- What exactly is this room?

Tim Pennell -- It is the athletic department's collection of films, memorabilia, pictures, documents and anything else related. This is basically all the extra stuff that we can't fit into Butts-Mehre.

DM -- How long has it been here?

TP -- About the same time Butts-Mehre started. Sometime in 1985. Longtime athletic department volunteer Roy Gatchell was the man in charge back then. He was a former letterman under Harry Mehre and he knew everything about all the former players. He was here until he passed in 1999.

DM -- How long have you been working here?

TP -- I started working in the athletic department as an intern with the Bulldog Clubs under Loran Smith back in 1992. I was also a production assistant of the Ray Goff show. The following year I started working here in the archives.

DM -- There are 1,000's and 1,000's of things in here. The room is completly full. What is the oldest thing you have in here?

TP -- Probably the first Pandora from 1886. Some other old things we have are all the newspaper clippings from the Richard Von Gammon case back in 1905 and all the scrapbooks that were filled about Bob McWhorter, Georgia's first All-American back in 1913.

DM -- What other stuff is in here?

TP -- We have a lot of things from Herschel Walker such as additional helmets and jersey's that are not in Butts-Mehre. We have a ton of gameballs like the 1981 Sugar Bowl game and Coach Vince Dooley's last game as coach. We also ticket stubbs from many of the great games including the 1929 Yale game which was the first game ever at Sanford Stadium.

DM -- So players, coaches and fans just give you all of these things?

TP -- We don't buy or sell any of these things. They are gift-in-kind donations, so they are tax deductable.

DM -- I am noticing some sports that we don't have anymore at Georgia?

TP -- Yes, we have things from our rifle teams, wrestling, boxing and even push ball.

DM -- You also have a lot of fims... how many games do you think you have?

TP -- We have every game going back to 1980. We have a lot before that, too. If I were to guess I would say somewhere around 600 to 700 games on film or video.

DM -- Which is the oldest game you have?

TP -- We have a newsreel type film of the 1929 Yale game.

DM -- Do TV stations ever come by to ask to use some of these films?

TP -- I get calls every time there is a game from companies such as CBS and ESPN to use something. It could be from a game from the 1970's to a play that happened last year.

DM -- Thank you for your time and letting me look inside this room.

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