Tereshinski pleased with summer so far

ATHENS – As far as voluntary summer workouts are concerned, this is Joe Tereshinski's fifth and final summer of participating in them. But this summer is different for Tereshinski than those in the recent past; this summer he's competing to win the starting quarterback job.

For quarterbacks, voluntary summer workouts are a daunting task because the signal callers usually take on the act of organizing them. According to the senior the workouts have being going well.

"Summer workouts have been going great," Joe Tereshinski said. "We have been setting up pass skeleton, and getting everyone actively involved. This has been a very exciting summer because we have had more participation from the players than we have had in a while."

Tereshinski has taken a backseat to David Greene and D.J. Shockley in the last few years during the months of summer, but now, he says, is his turn to emulate what those two did during their time in Athens.

"They showed me the way," he said. "They are great guys to look up to." After Georgia went 20 seasons without an SEC title, Green and Shockley provided the Bulldogs with two conference crowns in four seasons. "They showed me how to lead," Tereshinski added.

That leadership has turned resulted in outstanding participation this summer. While programs like South Carolina have reportedly had disappointing player turnouts this summer, Tereshinski said that's not been the case at Georgia.

"We've only had one day so far where guys have missed a workout, and that was because of rain on a scheduled Monday practice that had to be moved to a Tuesday, which is when some guys had classes and our community service," he said. "We could have done a better job communicating with the guys, but a lot of things were going on."

Nonetheless, Tereshinski says that with only a few weeks left in the summer time that he is happy with the Dawgs' progress towards their upcoming fall camp.

"I am really proud of our guys so far," he said.

Georgia players will officially report for fall camp on August 4th, and will start practices on the 5th.

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