Curran says Dawgs are "hard to turn down"

ATHENS – Georgia's annual summer camp, which concluded last weekend, was vital in the Bulldogs determining which players they want to offer scholarships to. But one player already committed to Georgia was there to take in the camp, and he was pleased with what he saw.

"That weekend was amazing for me," Rennie Curran said. "I've got to meet all of the players that are committed to Georgia, and to bond even closer with them."

Although Curran did not participate in the camp due to a slight foot injury, which is not serious, he did spent most of his time talking with fellow linebacker and Georgia signee Charles White.

"I've been getting closer with all of the guys, but with Charles especially," Curran said. The pair watched campers go through linebacker drills with Georgia coach John Jancek, and discussed what they saw. "We just started picking things up – in the drills. Coach Jancek was talking a lot about covering skills, and we learned a lot about that."

"We also got to see a lot of the facilities. The trip, overall, was really good. I got to hang out with some of the incoming students, and that was really cool. They told me a lot of really good things about Georgia, and I am excited about that," Curran said. "I had not been in the student center, but I got a chance to see that."

As far as camp personnel were concerned, Curran said he saw a lot of players that impressed him. "Marshall Williams looked good to me. D.J. Donley looked good," he said.

Curran added that he talked with uncommitted players about Georgia when the time came.

"They would ask me about it, and I would just tell them that Georgia is always in the top ten. I am just cool with them. I don't hold anything back. Usually I ask them if they like Georgia, and normally they say: ‘Yeah,'" Curran said.

"But it's hard to pass Georgia up," Curran said with his trademark smile.

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