Not Done Yet

There will be a new face that is hiking the ball for Georgia this season because the old face has graduated. Russ Tanner who played 43 games, 35 of them starts, for the Bulldogs is trying to continue his football career. After being undrafted, the center from Wrightsville was picked up by the Indianapolis Colts. He told me what rookie camp was like and a little more.

Dave McMahon -- Tell me what you have done since you have graduated...

Russ Tanner -- I graduated in December and from then to April I was training for the NFL draft. I was hoping to get drafted, but I wasn't. After the draft I was contacted by the Indianapolis Colts as a free agent. I have been up there at rookie camps throughout May and June. Later this month I have to go back to training camp.

DM -- Did other teams contact you as well?

RT -- A few teams did. My agent I looked things over and we decided that the Colts would be a good fit for me. They were also the team that showed the most intrest.

DM -- How many players are at rookie camp?

RT -- About 27

DM -- How much do you expect at training camp?

RT -- Counting everybody, there should be over 80.

DM -- How big is an NFL playbook?

RT -- Not much bigger than the one I had at Georgia. The Colts believe in doing a few things with many variables, but do them well.

DM -- What is Tony Dungy like?

RT -- We haven't had any one-on-one talks, but he is guy that gets respect. He doesn't yell or scream, but when he talks you listen.

DM -- I assume they are playing you at center?

RT -- Center and maybe some guard.

DM -- Let's say everything works out great for you... and you eventually become the number one center, you will be snapping to one of the all-time greats Peyton Manning?

RT -- I don't even think about that. I just want to make the team. Jeff Saturday is the number one center and he has played in some Pro Bowls, so I don't think about being the number one center.

DM -- Back to Georgia for a second, who are some of the offensive linemen that may not get some press, but we might know more about this year?

RT -- You have some of the regular ones back like Nick Jones, Dan Inman and Chester Adams, but guys like Michael Turner and Ken Shackleford have been there for awhile and are waiting for their shot and I think they can be successful.

DM -- What are some of your favorite memories about Georgia?

RT -- I love being with my teammates and the friendships I made. As for football I loved winning the SEC Championship during my senior season.

DM -- Anything in Athens, a restaurant or a store that we can transplant to Indianapolis for you?

RT -- Barberitos. My wife and I are addicted to it.

DM -- Thank you for your time and good luck making the team.

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