Only Herschel's Better

Garrison Hearst finished his Georgia career with 3,232 rush yards which trails only Herschel Walker. Hearst played from 1990 to 1992 and in his final season finished 3rd in the Heisman race. After a stellar Bulldog career, he played 10 seasons in the NFL and is the only player to win the Comeback Player of the Year twice. Last weekend he was in Athens to help out in the "Countdown to Kickoff."

Dave McMahon -- You haven't played in the NFL since 2004... are you officially retired?

Garrison Hearst -- I haven't put in any papers so nothing is official, but I think I am pretty much through.

DM -- What did you do last year?

GH -- I worked out a lot and kept in shape. I didn't persue any NFL job, but I had to be ready.

DM -- You struggled your first 2 years in the NFL... was it that hard adjusting to the league?

GH -- It was a combination of my adjusting to the league and the fact when I started I was playing for the Cardinals. When I switched teams to the 49ers I was able to play my game.

DM -- Speaking of the 49ers, what was it like playing with Steve Young and Jerry Rice?

GH -- It was great. It was a totally different atmosphere. They made it so much easier for me.

DM -- Let's get back to your Georgia days... do you remember you first game back in 1990 when you played at LSU?

GH -- Yes I do. I was scared. I didn't know what to expect. I thought I was going to forget my plays, but soon as the game started I was back to normal.

DM -- The following week you were at home playing your first game in Athens?

GH -- It was special. My mom and dad were at the game, they couldn't make it to the first game, so I was glad that they were there. Plus playing in Athens is something I've always dreamed of.

DM -- In 1992, the offense was incredible between you, Eric Zeier, Andre Hastings and Mack Strong. What do you remember about that team?

GH -- We can score on anybody. We were so balanced. If they stacked us up tight, we would go deep. If they played us deep we could run it down their throats. I thought that team could have won a championship. We were just a few points short.

DM -- You scored 21 touchdowns in 1992, that was a SEC record, did you ever think, wow, just think how many great players have played in this conference and I broke an impressive record?

GH -- I never thought about it. I just wanted to win games and have fun.

DM -- Also after your junior season, you won many awards such as the Doak Walker Award and ESPN's first ESPY Award... do you remember which celebrity gave you the award?

GH -- I think it was Lou Holtz. When the ESPY's first started it was mostly sports orientated, now it has a lot more celebritites.

DM -- You were in Athens last weekend for the "Countdown to Kickoff" fundraiser... how did you get involved?

GH -- Matt (Stinchcomb) just called me. We have the same agent and when Matt called me and asked me if I would do it. I said yes because it is for a good cause and it lets me get back to Athens.

DM -- Are you going to any Georgia games next year?

GH -- I plan on it. My son loves going to games.

DM -- Thank you for your time and if your son plays football and wins an ESPY, I am hoping the presenter will be better looking than Lou Holtz.

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