Troupe: Its still Georgia, Florida and SC

Dawg Post's Quentin Grant recently caught up with Israel Troupe to discuss his top three, and where Georgia currently stands. Troupe is a top baseball and football player, and will likely play both in college.

Quentin Grant: Last time spoke with you, you had your top three as Florida, Georgia, and South Carolina. Has anything changed, and do you have a leader out of those three?

Israel Troupe: No, nothing has changed. I don't have a leader, they are pretty much equal right now.

Grant: Have you visited all three campuses?

Troupe: I've been to all of them except for South Carolina.

Grant: You've been to Georgia's campus quite a bit haven't you?

Troupe: I've been to Georgia and I'm going to Florida on Friday.

Grant: Is the Florida trip an unofficial visit?

Troupe: It's to participate in Friday Night Lights.

Grant: What's your timetable for making a commitment?

Troupe: I'm going to probably make it during my football season.

Grant: What do you like most about Georgia?

Troupe: The whole coaching staff, and I have a couple of friends that play football at Georgia. They seem to like it. The baseball staff was cool too when I met with them.

Grant: Who are your friends on the football team?

Troupe: Brannon Southerland and Kenneth Harris

Grant: Are you planning on using your official visits?

Troupe: I know I will make official visits to the top three.

Grant: So as far as you are concerned they are all on an equal playing field right now?

Troupe: Yes, for right now.

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