Looking to Improve

Brandon Miller started 10 games in 2005, but was hampered by injuries throughout the season. He finished with 41 tackles including 4 for loss. This year could be his breakout year. Earlier this year he won the Junkyard Dog Award at the conclusion of spring drills. Earlier this week I talked to the junior from Colquitt and this is what he said.

Dave McMahon -- How has your summer been?

Brandon Miller -- It has been a little rough. I have my workouts plus I have a normal job at a warehouse I go to everyday at 5.

DM -- Are you any bigger, faster, or stronger than you were last year?

BM -- Right now I weigh 255 pounds, last year I was at 265. I want to get in down to 245 when the season starts.

DM -- This is a very experienced linebacker unit. When healthy it can be very dangerous, but what does the group need to work on the most?

BM -- We have to communite better to one another. At times we made careless mistakes. We have a good chance to do a lot of great things.

DM -- What do you need to work on?

BM -- I have to be more of a leader. I want to be a role model for some of the younger linebackers.

DM -- What is Coach John Jancek like?

BM -- He is a great coach. He cares about us what we do off the field as much as he cares about us on the field.

DM -- Some people said that you have struggled your first 2 years and this year could be a breakout season for you... do you use this as motivation?

BM -- I have heard this and I just need to go out there and make tackles and do my part. If I do my part I know I have helped my team.

DM -- Thank you for your time and answers.

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