Matthews back from Columbia

Cliff Matthews saw all South Carolina had to offer today. But even an in-office visit with South Carolina head coach Steve Spurrier didn't do much to change Cliff Matthews' mind about his top three colleges.

"I saw some things today that I didn't not know about before," said Matthews. "Coach Spurrier had me in his office and he talked with me about the things he had done at Florida and at Duke. He told me about winning the Heisman Trophy and winning the national title."

But Matthews said Georgia still leads Clemson with South Carolina trailing in third.

"It made a little difference, but it didn't change anything for me as far as my top three are concerned," he said.

Matthews indicated that his college decision will come in a few weeks. Until then he's got a busy schedule.

"I am heading out to Las Vegas on Thursday for an AAU tournament," he said. Matthews said that he was joining the South Carolina Celtics AAU team for the first time on the trip. He said he would be playing three-guard and power forward with the team.

Matthews also indicated that he wished to play basketball in college, but that football would play the lead role in picking where he goes to school.

Matthews and the rest of his teammates at Cheraw will take on perennial Palmetto state power Marlboro County in the first game of the season. When Matthews returns from Las Vegas he will start preparations for the start of the season, which is August 25.

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