This Bulldog is a Saint

Jon and Matt Stinchcomb helped set up the "Countdown to Kickoff" event last week and it raised a lot money. Matt has retired from the NFL, but Jon is still playing. He is entering his 4th season with the New Orleans Saints. He started 34 games for the Bulldogs and was an All-American during his final season. Earlier he talked to me about the fundraiser, the NFL and his time with the Bulldogs.

Dave McMahon -- The "Countdown to Kickoff" was such as incredible event. It helped raise money for the Children's Healthcare of Atlanta, the Georgia Transplant Foundation and The Arch Foundation. Any word on how much money it raised?

Jon Stinchcomb -- The night before we held an auction and it raised over $25,000. Over the whole weekend the event raised over $100,000.

DM -- Any word on how many players showed up and helped?

JS -- There were over 30 current players and over 20 former players, most of them NFL players. They all came voluntarily which is great.

DM -- Which players that you haven't seen in awhile were you so happy that they showed up?

JS -- Some of the older players that have been away from Georgia football for awhile. Guys like Garrison Hearst, Scott Adams, Scott Woerner and a few more. It was great seeing them.

DM -- Is next year's event already in the works?

JS -- I think we are headed that way. I would like to have it. We had so much positive feedback from all parties involved.

DM -- How is your knee, are you going to be ready when the New Orleans Saints have their training camp?

JS -- I am ready. It has been about a year since I got hurt. I was injured on August 9th and had surgery on the 10th. I am ready to play.

DM -- When does camp start for the Saints?

JS -- The 27th of this month.

DM -- Are the Saints going to play in the SuperDome this year?

JS -- Yes we will. Our first home game will be on September 25th. We play the Falcons on Monday Night Football. We will be playing our exhibition home games in Shreveport and in Jackson, Mississippi.

DM -- Have you got to see the Saints' first round draft pick Reggie Bush yet?

JS -- Yes I have. He is a very talented player. A lot of NFL teams are moving into the two running back system. I think we have two great backs in rookie Reggie Bush and veteran Deuce McAllister. We also have Drew Brees at quarterback, so this should be an exciting team.

DM -- Do you and former Bulldog and current teammate Charles Grant brag about the Bulldogs to your other teammates?

JS -- We do. He does it a litte more than I do. We are proud of our Dawgs.

DM -- Tell me about 2002, your senior season for Georgia... an SEC Championship... good way to end your collegiate career...

JS -- It was tremendous! It is a memory that will last a lifetime. It was great that we brought Georgia a SEC title since they haven't won one since the Herschel days. It was a special team.

DM -- You also scored a TD that year... have you ever had one before at any level?

JS -- That was my first. I didn't think it was a touchdown. I thought David Greene scored and the play was dead. I just grabbed the ball, I was surprised that I got the touchdown.

DM -- What do you miss about Athens?

JS -- What don't I miss? I miss everything. It is a very special place. Athens has a lot of character.

DM -- Thank you for your time and if Brees, Bush or McAllister fumble in the endzone... fall on the ball.

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