A Team Effort

Dave Van Halanger is the Director of Strength and Conditioning for Georgia and he has numerous awards for his efforts. But he is not alone in his work, he has many associates and assistants that work with him. I recently talked to two of them, Keith Gray and Rex Bradberry and they told me more about the award-winning program.

Dave McMahon -- What is the role of the associate and assistant strength and conditioning coaches?

Rex Bradberry -- Coach Van Halanger puts a program together and we all make sure it gets carried out. We all work together in practices. During the game we have extra responsibilities.

Keith Gray -- I do whatever Coach Van Halanger wants me to. He puts me in charge of certain drills and I make sure they are done right. During games I am one of the "get-back" guys.

DM -- How many are there in the Strength and Conditioning program in football?

RB -- There is Coach Van and 6 others.

DM -- Summer practices are all voluntarily... what percentage of the players have showed up this summer?

KG -- That information is not passed on, but we are very pleased on the turnout.

DM -- In your opinion which players really gets "it" and is always on top of his game when it comes to strength and conditioning?

RB -- There are several of them. Our guys come here to work. Some of the really good ones include: Quentin Moses, Tony Taylor, Thomas Brown and Nick Jones. These guys are here everyday and are always ready for a challenge.

KG -- A lot of them. I would say Joe Tereshinski III, Thomas Brown, Nick Jones and Kregg Lumpkin. There are more.

DM -- Is there a player, that struggled in the beginning, but gets it now and is one of the best?

KG -- In the past Dennis Roland was like that, he really came on strong at the end. On the current team, a good example is Paul Oliver. Something clicked in his head about a year and a half ago and you can really see it now and hopefully you will see on the field, too.

DM -- What is Coach Dave Van Halanger like?

RB -- He is a tremendous motivator. He is a pioneer to his profession. He is so respected. I worked for the Cincinnati Bengals for awhile and their conditioning coaches respect him a lot.

KG -- He is the nicest guy I have met. He loves making differences in people's lives, not just in football, but in their outside lives as well.

DM -- Rex, years ago you actually walked on to the football team, any good memories?

RB -- I remember holding football dummies for Champ Bailey.

DM -- Do you assist other sports, too?

RB -- I worked with the Men's Golf team.

KG -- Women's Tennis and Gymnastics.

DM -- In fact Keith, a few months ago you set up a challenge between the football team and the Gym Dogs in various skills, who won?

KG -- The Gym Dogs won. The girls expressed intrest in challenging the guys. I told them if they won the national championship I would set something up. They won it all, so I set it up. It was a good combination of skills involving strength, speed, hand-eye-coordination and a lot more.

DM -- What were some of the best matchups?

KG -- Thomas Brown vs Kelsey Ericksen was a good battle and so was Kenneth Harris vs Audrey Bowers.

DM -- Are there going to be more of these competitions?

KG -- All the players want to. We would like to do other sports as well. The hard part is finding times that several teams can do them.

DM -- Would you like to be a Head Strength and Conditioning Coach one day?

RB -- I would. First on the college level and then maybe in the pros.

KG -- As soon as possible. I would love helping out a college. I love college football, there is no better sport.

DM -- Thank you both for your time and good luck on your future, but for now I am glad that you are both here.

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