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Tripp Chandler was a surprise last year as he was not redshirted, but instead was a regular player as a backup tight end or a special teams player. This season he is the 2nd string tight end behind Martrez Milner. In recent years Georgia has produced many tight ends who are now doing their damage on Sundays. Will Tripp Chandler the next great one? I don't know, but I did talk to him earlier.

Dave McMahon -- How has this summer been going?

Tripp Chandler -- It has been good. It has been a struggle, but you need it to be tough.

DM -- Are you any bigger, stronger or faster from last year?

TC -- I just benched 365 pounds! That is 50 pounds more than last year! I am about 15 pounds heavier, too. I feel faster as well. It is all due to this strength program.

DM -- With Leonard Pope gone, you have a chance for some extra playing time...

TC -- Right now I am 2nd string, but everyday I go out there as if I am the number one guy. I know my role. Trez does a great job, I learned a lot from him and Pope last year.

DM -- Were you surprised that you did not redshirt last year?

TC -- I was expected to, but when they told me last year that I wasn't I was surprised. I was so excited. I worked hard everyday and I guess the work ethic my dad and mom taught me paid off.

DM -- How would you rate your G-Day performance?

TC -- I did well blocking and I was the leading receiver. I also dropped two passes and I was taught if you touch the ball, you should catch the ball. I remember the drops the most. I can't have that.

DM -- Define what a tight end does?

TC -- I talk to Coach David Johnson about this. We consider it the ultimate player. You block like a lineman, catch like a receiver and when you catch it you run like a fullback. You do it all.

DM -- Who were your favorite tight ends growing up?

TC -- I grew up a Georgia fan, so I liked Randy McMichael and Ben Watson. When I was a senior in high school I liked Leonard Pope a lot, too. My favorite non-Georgia tight end is Jeremy Shockey. He is so intense.

DM -- Thank you for your time and I think you play with intensity as well.

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