Woerner! Woerner! Woerner!

Scott Woerner was a cornerback and punt returner for Georgia from 1977 to 1980. He had 13 career interceptions which is still 4th on the Dawgs all-time list. He had 2 more in the 1981 Sugar Bowl game to help the Bulldogs win a national championship. He also had 2 career touchdowns on punt returns including one in 1978 vs Georgia Tech which made Larry Munson scream "Woerner! Woerner! Woerner!

Dave McMahon -- What are you doing now?

Scott Woerner -- I am a P.E. teacher in Rabun County. I was a science teacher for 6 years before that. I am also a middle school football coach.

DM -- You had a successful career at Georgia both as a cornerback and a punt returner, what do more people talk about when the realize who you are?

SW -- Actually people talk about the big games in general, like the championship game, not about big plays I made.

DM -- Well, I remember one of your plays, the 98 yard interception return for a touchdown vs Clemson in 1980... take me back...

SW -- Basically I dropped back and the quarterback threw it right at me. I think the receiver was right behind me, but I caught it and just ran and ran. It was just one of those gifts.

DM -- The national championship game in 1981... you made 2 interceptions...

SW -- A game like that you have to make big plays.

DM -- 1980 was such a special season, you were a senior, but what did you think about your freshman Herschel Walker when he first joined the team?

SW -- He didn't really do a whole lot until that first game vs Tennessee. Then he took over and was amazing.

DM -- What was Erk Russell like?

SW -- What a great man! He was the ultimate motivator.

DM -- Did he ever head-butt you?

SW -- No, he mostly did that to the lineman. Games are won or lost by what goes on at the line.

DM -- You were drafted by the Falcons, but after a year you switched to the USFL, why did you switch?

SW -- The Falcons cut me.

DM -- What was the main differences in the talent of the USFL and the NFL?

SW -- The depth. I think the first team in the USFL was pretty close to the first team in the NFL. The second and third teams were not even close. There was a lot of talent in the USFL, though.

DM -- You were an All-Pro Safety for the Stars, Herschel Walker was an All-Pro Running Back for the Generals, did you ever tackle him?

SW -- Yep. I smash mouthed him a few times. I have pictures of it, too.

DM -- Do you go to games at all in Athens?

SW -- I try to go a few games a year.

DM -- Thank you for your time and the great memories you provided for all the Bulldog fans.

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