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Colony Square was packed again this year, maybe not as much as previous years, but it was still had plenty of excitement. Football was the main topic of conversation around the room and there are still many questions that are not answered. We might not have all the answers about what to expect on this year's team, but many of the loyal fans of the Bulldog Nation told me what they think.

I am sorry if this sounds like Richard Dawson or any other Family Fued hosts... but I surveyed 60 Georgia Bulldog fans about the upcoming football season and this is what they said...
Who will be the starting quarterback for the Bulldogs for the first game?

Joe Tereshinski III 51 votes
Matthew Stafford 7 votes
Joe Cox 2 votes

Who will be the starting quarterback for the Bulldogs by the Tennessee game?

Matthew Stafford 48 votes
Joe Tereshinski III 9 votes
Joe Cox 3 votes

Who will be the Bulldogs' offensive star of the year?

Thomas Brown 34 votes
Mohamed Massaquoi 14 votes
Kregg Lumpkin 6 votes
A.J. Bryant 3 votes
Danny Ware 2 votes
Matthew Stafford 1 vote

Who will be the Bulldogs' defensive star of the year?

Quentin Moses 44 votes
Paul Oliver 6 votes
Tony Taylor 5 votes
Charles Johnson 3 votes
Ray Gant 1 vote
Tra Battle 1 vote

Who will be the Bulldogs' biggest surprise this year?

Kelin Johnson 17 votes
Mikey Henderson 16 votes
A.J. Bryant 13 votes
Kenneth Harris 3 votes
Prince Miller 2 votes
Ray Gant 1 vote
Jeff Owens 1 vote
Martrez Milner 1 vote
Tripp Chandler 1 vote
Asher Allen 1 vote
Brandon Miller 1 vote
CJ Byrd 1 vote
Charles Johnson 1 vote
I don't know 1 vote

Which team is Georgia's biggest rival?

Georgia Tech 26 votes
Florida 22 votes
Auburn 8 votes
Tennessee 3 votes
Western Kentucky 1 vote (the fan said the team I hate the most is whatever our next game is against)

If you only were allowed to go to one Georgia game this season, which one can you not miss?

Florida 31 votes
Georgia Tech 15 votes
Auburn 9 votes
Tennessee 4 votes
South Carolina 1 vote
Remember most of these fans live in Atlanta. If I asked the same questions in Augusta, Columbus, Savannah or Valdosta the answers may be different.

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