The Road to Recovery

Ron Courson has been the Director of Sports Medicine at Georgia since 1995. He has helped many athletes recover from minor injuries as well as major ones that could have ended their athletic careers. He also provides help to former athletes that come back to Georgia seeking assistance. He is also currently the chairman of many national training committees and he does a whole lot more.

Dave McMahon -- What is the role of the Director of Sports Medicine?

Ron Courson -- We provide healthcare to all athletes in every sport. We are all certified trainers and medical technicians, providing physical therapy. We want to them to get back quickly, but we want to make sure it is safe for them first.

DM -- How did you get started?

RC -- I actually played 2 sports while in college and I wanted to be a coach someday. One year I hurt my knee and while going through re-hab I got very interested in what was going on. I changed my major to sports medicine and after graduation I took more classes and got another degree in physical therapy and I just kept going. I am very blessed.

DM -- How many people on your staff?

RC -- We have 10 that are full-time and 9 more that are grad assistants.

DM -- You have had former Georgia players come back for your care including many stars in the NFL such as Robert Edwards...

RC -- When he came here, he had a very serious knee injury. Many ligaments and nerves were damaged. We took it slow and he was here for 1 1/2 years and he made it back. We invite all athletes to come back. He later came back after he played in the NFL again and had a chance to talk to players that were going through the same re-hab procedure?

DM -- Which players?

RC -- Albert Hollis and Reggie Weeks. It is always good when players hear from former players that go through similiar re-habs to show them that what can be done after the re-hab is over. Other players such as the Stinchcomb brothers, Boss Bailey, Jaime Henderson and many more have come back to Athens as well.

DM -- I know there are rules about being specific, but are all the players that were going through re-hab during the spring and summer ok now?

RC -- We are in good shape now. A few things that we make sure the players that go through re-hab do is to continue going to meetings and practices so that they can still learn. They still can workout other parts that they are not re-habbing. This way they do not fall too far behind.

DM -- You also teach here at Georgia... what is that like?

RC -- I used to teach all year, but not I take the fall off because football takes so much of my time. I enjoy teaching a lot. It allows me to stay current and up-to-date with my care.

DM -- You were also a trainer for the Summer Olympics, what was that like?

RC -- I worked during 3 Olympic games. I was in Seoul in 1988, Barcelona in 1992 and here in Atlanta in 1996. I enjoyed it because I got to deal with other sports than I am used to when I am here. Such as Judo, Tae Kwon Do and Team Handball. The whole experience was great.

DM -- Thank you for your time and for all of your hard work you have provided to all the Bulldogs.

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