Where's Waldo?

Paul "Waldo" Terrell has been working for the university for almost 10 years. You might not know who is yet, but any time you watch a football, baseball, soccer or softball game, you have him to thank. Who is he? After this interview you are sure to know.

Dave McMahon -- What do you do for the University of Georgia?

"Waldo" Terrell -- I am the Grounds Foreman. I am a sports turf manager. I oversee 17 acres of turf area at the university's ballparks and an additional 4 acres of artificial turf and over 100 more acres around the ballparks.

DM -- How long have you been doing this?

WT -- I started in June of 1998 through a work study program at the university. Then I kept volunteering until they hired me fulltime in November of 1999. I took over the top position after Ray McEwen retired in 2005.

DM -- What sports do you do?

WT -- Football, baseball, softball, soccer, track and field and even a little bit of equestrian.

DM -- Is Sanford Stadium ready for the first game?

WT -- Pretty much. The hash marks need to be a little thicker. It will be where it needs to be at in about a week.

DM -- Any special things added to the field in terms of design at Sanford Stadium?

WT -- A very slight change. Only big time fans would notice. I can't tell you, you have to be there for the first game and try to see for yourself.

DM -- How often do you mow the grass at Sanford Stadium?

WT -- We mow it daily and irrigate it as needed.

DM -- What kind of grass is it?

WT -- It is a hybrid of bermuda grass bred by Dr. Glen Burton. He is retired from the university now. He was a professor of turf. He called it Tif-Way. Tif for Tifton where it was developed and Way for fairway.

DM -- Why don't you use a hybrid of Bluegrass, Kentucky Bluegrass, Featherbend Bent and Northern California Sensemilla?

WT -- No, we keep away from that. We will let Carl Spackler deal with it.

DM -- When do you paint the endzones?

WT -- During gameweek on Wednesdays, we paint everything that is out of bounds such as coaches boxes. Thursdays we paint the numbers, hashmarks and endzone logos. Fridays we paint the linemarkers. Saturdays we paint the extra point line.

DM -- How many people on your crew?

WT -- 9 fulltime and 3-4 student workers.

DM -- After a game, how long does it take to get the field in shape for another game?

WT -- After the first game of home games that are on back-to-back weekends we can get the field ready by Wednesday. This year in October we have 3 straight weeks with games, so by the 3rd game the field will look a little thin. It just needs time to recover.

DM -- So you don't do the golf course here?

WT -- No, Mike Beall does that and he does a great job.

DM -- Some professional ballparks have designs in the outfield grass, are we ever going to something like a big "G" in the outfield or something else?

WT -- My personal opinion is that I like the traditional look. When stadium crews do that they have to do it by hand. We had a guy that worked here at Georgia and now works for the Red Sox which is known for their creative designs. When you mow the lawn away from you, the grass appears light and when you mow it towards you, the grass appears dark. Then you have to broom the design in the opposite direction in which you mowed it, to get a design you like.

DM -- Thank you for your time and we will see your work on September 2nd.

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