Profile 2003 - Breon Ford (CB)

<b>Breon Ford</b> has family ties to Georgia Tech, but as of now, he is looking to go his own route this recruiting season.

Breon Ford - CB

5-10, 170, 4.5 
Lindale, GA - Pepperell

School Preferences: Auburn, Georgia Tech, Vanderbilt, and Georgia

  • Summer Camps: Auburn and Vanderbilt

  • Junior Stats: 1,200 yards rushing after gaining 1,600 yards as a sophomore

Profile 2003 - Breon Ford (CB)

Like his brother Sidney Ford, Breon Ford is a standout running back in high school. However, The younger Ford's future resides at cornerback on the next level. "I don't know that I'm big enough to play running back in division 1," said the 5-10 and 170 pounds Ford. "So I've been working during the offseason and in the camps at defensive back. I told the coaches that this was my first time really playing corner, but that's the position most everyone is recruiting me for."

While Ford was just now introduced to defense after rushing for over 2,800 yards the past 2 season, he has taken to the position like a duck to water. He moves fluidly and has the back pedal and turn of a 10 year veteran. "Thanks for saying that, but I have to give credit to my coaches for that skill. We work on footwork every day. Every day we are out here backpedaling and turning with the other skill positions, so the coaches have really worked us out well."

Ford was worked as a corner at 2 different camps thus far. He has been a standout at both Vanderbilt and Auburn, and he lists the latter as his favorite right now. "Sidney is up at Georgia Tech, and I like them a lot. But, I kind of want to do my own thing. I don't have any scholarship offers yet, but Auburn would be my favorite right now. Georgia Tech would be number 2, and I really like Georgia. Although, Georgia is not real high in my family," said Ford with a laugh. "I'd have to work on my dad to go up there."

Ford is also a standout student, and like his footwork, he attributes that to the hard work of his coaches. "I have a 3.2 GPA right now. The coaches won't let us play unless we make our grades, so the whole team is in pretty good shape." 

While Ford acknowledged that he doesn't have any offers yet, it won't be long before they start pouring in. He may have minimal experience at the position, but he is already one of the best cornerback prospects in the south with his technique and athleticism that he has displayed covering some of the top players in the south at summer camps. 

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