Richt watching QBs very closely

ATHENS – As if Georgia's quarterback meetings weren't crowded enough these days with four players still competing for the starting job, another regular has joined the group.

Head coach Mark Richt, who started his career coaching quarterbacks, now sits in on every session along with quarterbacks Coach Mike Bobo, Richt said. Bobo still runs the show. Richt simply watches.

"I listen to Coach Bobo install everything and coach everything and hear the quarterbacks respond," Richt said. "I want to know what they know, but I also want to know what Mike expects on every single play, every single read, every single hot throw. I want to know exactly what they're doing and why."

During spring practice, redshirt freshman Joe Cox and true freshman Matthew Stafford didn't know the offense well enough to truly compete for a starting job, Richt said. That appears to have changed after Sunday, the second day of fall practice.

"I want to hear it all so I can sit there and evaluate that very thing," Richt said. "Are these guys really picking it up? From what I've seen so far, they seem to be keeping pace really well."

Cox, Stafford, senior Joe Tereshinski and Blake Barnes are splitting snaps equally in practice, Richt said.

"I'm doing good with picking up the offense," Stafford said. "I feel like I'm up to speed with everybody else. I think I'm doing well."

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