Dewberry ready for impact

ATHENS – Every year the first game of the season is a special time for many players, but perhaps none more this season than Darius Dewberry.

The former five-star linebacker has been hyped as one of the top linebackers in the South, and now – after finishing high school and making the grade in prep school, Dewberry will make his initial appearance at Sanford Stadium on September, and that's something he is looking forward to.

"I am so glad that I am in school," said Darius Dewberry of finally getting the chance to play college football. "I hope that I can make an impact in the future as a football player and as a student."

Dewberry recorded 63 tackles, 23 assists, nine tackles for a loss, nine pressures, six sacks, and two interceptions his senior season. However, because he did not qualify academically Dewberry decided to take his game to Virginia and attend Hargrave Military Academy.

"At Hargrave I used to think about coming here," Dewberry said. "Actually, all of the time I was up there I would think about coming here."

Hargrave – a place where Danny Ware and Leonard Pope, among others, have played – gave Dewberry an opportunity to play football against as close to college-level talent as possible without burning a season of eligibility.

Linebackers coach John Jancek isn't making any promises about how much Dewberry will play this season, but he admits that it will be very hard to keep the youngster off the field.

"He has the versatility to play inside or outside. He is a guy that we need to evaluate once he gets here. We need to have more opportunity to see him play in order to determine that," Jancek said. "I know that he is a tremendous linebacker. He is a competitive young man that I know will find a place to play."

But Dewberry will have to find a place in a linebacker rotation many pre-season publications consider the best in the SEC.

"You can't go half speed out here," Dewberry said of getting onto the field. "I just have to come out here and work hard every day."

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