Feeling Full

Brannan Southerland started 7 games at fullback last season for the Dawgs and he is ready to start more this season. The redshirt sophomore from Dacula made the most of his rushing yards last season. He only gained 26 yards, but had 3 rushing touchdowns. He also had 2 touchdowns receiving. But blocking is what he does best and he is ready to do it again this season.

Dave McMahon -- How has the first few days of fall practice been?

Brannan Southerland -- It is getter better. It was real tough the first day, but it was 10 times better the second day. Now it is good. It has been tough, but it has to be.

DM -- Are you practicing with the first team or are you spliting time with Des Williams?

BS -- I have been practicing with the first team, but every once in awhile Des comes in. It keeps us fresh. That is going to be a big advantage for us once the season starts that we will always have a fresh fullback.

DM -- How is your shoulder?

BS -- It feels great. I was surprised. I wasn't sure how it would feel. I had the surgery not too long ago, but it feels great.

DM -- This is the first time that you and Des are both healthy at the same time fighting for position... is that a positive that you two have to fight for the number one spot?

BS -- Competition in a position is always good. You can't forget Jason Johnson, he is doing well, too. In the running backs room, we are all buddies, we always try to help each other out and we realize that only 2 of us can start, but we just do our best.

DM -- Have the 2 true freshman, Shaun Chapas and Fred Munzenmaier asked for advice yet?

BS -- They have. I remember when I was a true freshman I needed help as well. We try to give them code words on plays to help them remember the playbook better. The playbook can be overwhelming when you are a freshman.

DM -- Any extra pressure on you to block more due to all the new offensive linemen to the starting rotation?

BS -- I will do what I have to do. I need to improve on things, too. If it means to move 2 inches over to get a block, I will. If it means to stay on my block longer, I will. Whatever helps the team.

DM -- What about receiving, how much do you like receiving the ball out of the backfield?

BS -- I like it. I like catching the ball, but it is not my favorite thing.

DM -- What is your favorite thing?

BS -- I like making a big block, so the tailback can run for a lot more yards. That is my job.

DM -- Do you remember a game or practice where you made a big block and you heard the crowd go crazy?

BS -- I remember 2 plays against South Carolina. One I was blocking for Shockley when he was running and I knocked the linebacker big time. The other one was later when I pancake blocked this lineman and he rolled right on his back. I think we scored on that one.

DM -- With you, Des and some of our big tight ends, this could be a very good jumbo package. Do you ever think about that?

BS -- It is going to be sweet. We just have to make sure we score six. Six is so much better than three, it changes everything in the game.

DM -- Thank you for your time and let's get six.

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