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Seth Watts is currently 2nd on the depth chart for the Georgia Bulldogs in the Tight Guard position. The redshirt sophomore from Sandersville County played a limited role last season, but this season he is geared to play a lot more. Recently I talked to him about his playing time and a lot more.

Dave McMahon -- How has practice been so far?

Seth Watts -- It's pretty good. It went really good today. It's been hot, but we got to keep going.

DM -- This is your 3rd fall practice here, do you feel like a veteran?

SW -- A little, but the true veterans are the ones who have been here 4 or 5 years. I feel like I have more responsibility and I have to be more of a role model to the younger players, but I am still learning, too.

DM -- How much do you weigh now?

SW -- I am down to 300 pounds, but I will be back up to 310 soon. That is where Coach Callaway wants me to be.

DM -- What is Coach Neil Callaway like?

SW -- He is a good man. He expects a lot out of us. I couldn't ask for a better coach.

DM -- You are also known as a big-time weight lifter, what did you max at this summer?

SW -- I did not get to max out, but I probably could have done 500 on the bench, squatted 600 and cleaned 300.

DM -- The offensive line position is such a pyshical position, even if you are not on the first string you have to be prepared to go in the game at any play... explain

SW -- When you are playing you are out there, but if you are not, you better be watching and know what is going on. Like you said, you have to be prepared to play.

DM -- At practice, who do you have the best one-on-one battles with?

SW -- The older guys always give you a hard time. Ray Gant is so quick and explosive. But I love going against the younger guys, too. Jeffrey Owens is like an ox out there and Kade Weston is a man beast.

DM -- What do you still need to work on?

SW -- My flexibility is always something that I need to improve on. I also have to learn to stay low.

DM -- What did you learn from former teammates Max Jean-Gilles, Dennis Roland and some of the others?

SW -- I learned to be mentally tough. If you are mentally tough, you can handle anything.

DM -- Speaking of Dennis Roland, have you seen the picture of him after the Dallas Cowboys cut his hair?

SW -- I did. That was great.

DM -- What kind of haircut did your Georgia teammates give you when you were a freshman?

SW -- They just shaved my head. It was then I realized I have a big lump on my head. I learned to value my hair.

DM -- I hear you also play 8 musical instruments... what do you play the best?

SW -- Probably guitar. I learned piano first, but guitar is what I play the best.

DM -- If you had to start a band with your teammates, who would be in it?

SW -- Probably I would have the Big Cheese. He can play drums and he can sing. I would have Thomas Flowers. He would be a good front man and he can get the crowd going. I would also have to have Thomas Brown in the band, because if we had him, we would have a good crowd for sure.

DM -- Thank you for your time and rock on!

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