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More than 100 Die Hard Georgia Bulldog Fans Packed the Chat Room to Ask Dean Legge questions about Summer Football Practice. Camp has been in full swing, and Dean has been there to bring you all of the action. Dean was there with responses for the questions you wanted answered. If you're a Georgia Bulldog fan, you won't want to miss this. Catch up on a Week's worth of action in this Chat Re-Cap!

Dean Legge is the publisher of the Dawg Post. He has covered Georgia Bulldog Football Camp like no other, and he was available for a chat with the members of the Dawg Post via The Porch

Here is a Re-Cap of the action.

:: any news on zeb's shoulder injury
Dean Legge:: Zeb McKinzey is a two-week deal. I think he's be back by then. No surgery.

aspnskidawg:: who is standing out the most at wr and te
Dean Legge:: Mohamed Massaquoi  and Kenneth Harris have separated themselves so far at practice. Harris has stepped up, according to my eyes as well as coaches' comments.

bhdawg:: what game will Matthew Stafford start 

Matt Stafford

Dean Legge:: I don't know about when Stafford will start. Joe Tereshinski looks good to me. It is possible that Joe T could be steady for a long time, and that means he'd start longer.

thedogfather:: Dean, who do you think will win the chance to fill in for Thomas Flowers at Punt Returner?
Dean Legge:: I think Asher Allen will get a good look at PR, but I am not sure who will win that one in the end.

uga77:: is Kris Durham gonna play?
Dean Legge:: Durham, and i will have a story on him soon, is "fighting for playing time" according to Eason. Durham will be a stud.

aspnskidawg:: How about Mike Moore? will we see him this yr?
Dean Legge:: Moore's gotta catch is more consistently

DixieDawg02:: so Joe T could be our QB all season?
Dean Legge:: Joe T could be the QB all season - I could see that. But Stafford, in my opinion, will play.

KLC 71:: any chance Prince Mill sees time at wr?
Dean Legge:: No, I think Prince will redshirt.

bhdawg:: will Kade Weston start u think
Dean Legge:: I think Kade will start at some point here soon. Like Stafford, he's going to be impossible to keep off the field.

DixieDawg02:: who will Kade beat out Ray Gant or Jeff Owens

Kade Weston

Dean Legge:: I don't know who Kade will be out, but I think its inevitable.

hsharperuk59:: CMR seemed to have a lot of good things to say about C.J. Byrd. Did you get to see him in action?
Dean Legge:: I have seen Byrd a little. He's coming out of his shell

AugustaDawg34:: Hows Prince Miller and Asher Allen, comparing to some of the vets, (Oliver, Flowers, maybe Bryan Evans)?
Dean Legge:: Asher Allen is right up there like a veteran. He's special.

thedogfather:: Do you think Brandon Wood will see alot of action similar to Charles Johnson as a FR?
Dean Legge:: I don't yet know about Wood at DE. I will pay attention more to him at the next practice.

DixieDawg02:: How is Joe Cox doing
Dean Legge:: Cox is steady

aspnskidawg:: do you see Geno Atkins or Rico Crawford playing?
Dean Legge:: I don't see Geno playing. I think he needs a year. Crawford will play and be depended on in spots.

LuvsDawgs:: Dean, are you seeing a bigger emphasis on catching and holding on to the ball in practice, compared with last season?
Dean Legge:: They are catching it well in contact situations. I don't know if that's been "taught" more or if the WRs are just deciding to catch it finally.

AlDog:: how is Darius Dewberry looking?
Dean Legge:: Dewberry is looking scary. Dew will play a lot IMO.

aspnskidawg:: what about Kiante Tripp? How is he maturing?
Dean Legge:: Tripp looks like a DT. I mean he fits the profile.

AugustaDawg34:: Dean, from what you have seen so far, is this team capable of winning another SEC Championship? even with the OL problems?
Dean Legge:: Augusta. I do think its possible for them to win the SEC, but they are going to have to really run it well. This defense is looking hard to score on

JorjahDawg:: how about Reshad Jones at safety?
Dean Legge:: Reshad Jones is physical, but not real tall. Fast. I do think he's got a chance at Special Teams.

AugustaDawg34:: whats the deal with Brandon Miller? Danny Wheeler getting switched to his side..

Danny Verdun Wheeler

Dean Legge:: Georiga's LBs are like four starters, Miller or Danny Verdun Wheeler are interchangeable. The LBs look really deep. Really Deep.

BEATTENN:: Is Kris Durham going to play a lot? Did he pick up where he left off from Spring?
Dean Legge:: I don't think Kris is going play A LOT, but he'll get his chances out there

aspnskidawg:: Dean, whats your gut telling you about the o line can Kevin Perez, Chris Davis, and Josh Davis step up this year?
Dean Legge:: I don't' think Perez will play; I think - strange enough - that Chris Davis is the best-looking FR OL right now. And that could be because he can move and is smaller. But he caught my eye fast out there

DixieDawg02:: How about the kid Daryl Gamble
Dean Legge:: Gamble and the Akeems (Akeem Dent and Akeem Hebron) are learning a lot out there. LB at GA is SOOO deep. There is a true 2-deep there.

LuvsDawgs:: What's your take on how Coach Ball is doing?
Dean Legge:: Coach Ball is demanding on kick return. That has certainly been a focus.

DixieDawg02:: how big is Chris Davis
ugadawg004:: what about josh davis?
Dean Legge:: Chris Davis is "small" for an OL, but can move. Josh Davis is.... growing into his body - he won't play this season.

EvansDawg:: Is Bryan Evans an option for returns?
Dean Legge:: Evans is an option. Remarcus Brown is an option. Asher Allen.

Dawgdayz00:: Dean, which WR has the best chance of spreading the D and being Bailey this year?
Dean Legge:: Kenneth Harris will be stretching the field this season. I think MoMass (Massaquoi) could do the same, but not as often.

KLC 71:: I guess the 2 fresh fb's redshirt this year (Fred Munzenmaier and Shaun Chapas).
Dean Legge:: Yes the FR FBs will RS

AugustaDawg34:: Is Asher Allen catching the ball on PR and KR better than he did in the spring game?
Dean Legge:: Ausgusta - yes. Asher REALLY looks good. That kid is a stud. He and Kade are studs.

eyeinthesky:: how come Bryan Evans seems to be out of the talks to compete to play in place of flowers?
Dean Legge:: Evans is in the middle of the mix for everything, but not ahead in anything

A.J. Bryant

:: Does A.J. Bryant finally break through this year?
Dean Legge:: Evans - I think this could be AJ's year - yes.

BEATTENN:: Dean: Jason Johnson still turning heads? Any PT for him?
Dean Legge:: Jason will wind up as the backup FB IMO, so yes, he will play

Boehmdawg:: Thomas Brown still the clear cut #1 rb over Lump (Kregg Lumpkin)?
Dean Legge:: Brown is the CLEAR number one. I don't know how to say that one any clearer.

EvansDawg:: Any new news on Cliff Matthews, and how many ends can one team stand?
Dean Legge:: I think Cliff winds up at Georgia, but I am not as confident as I was.

DirtyDawgs:: To the Thomas Brown situation...obviously 3 talented guys back there... Is it simply that Brown is becoming dominant?
Dean Legge:: I think TB, yes, is just that damn good right now.

csradog:: Dean, is Coleman Watson doing anything at TE?
Dean Legge: Coleman is third at TE.

cantonk9: How good is prince miller?
Dean Legge: Miller is good, but that secondary is so loaded that its going to be hard for him to get out of a RS.

thedogfather: How about a prediction on sacks this season fro Quentin Moses, Dean?
Dean Legge: I think Moses will end up with 10

aspnskidawg: have you had a chance to evaluate Knowshon Moreno
Dean Legge: I have watched Moreno some. I think he's better than perhaps people think, but he's an afterthought this year because of the situation at RB.

EvansDawg: How does Dannell Ellerbe look?
Dean Legge: Ellerbe is fast. The fastest LB?

KLC 71: Daniel Inman is only out 2 games, right?
Dean Legge: Only two games for Inman - they need him.

eyeinthesky: Can i hang on to the hope that Brandon Miller will one day play DE?? or have we beat that horse into the afterlife.
Dean Legge: I don't think he'll play DE because there is so much talent there, too.

DixieDawg02: how does Michael Turner look at OT
Dean Legge: Turner is improved, but he has to be b/c of the situation.

scrunche: how about Tony Wilson
Dean Legge: Tony Wilson will likely RS

coop4hsman: How has Seth Watts progressed? Do you expect him to be a big contributor?
Dean Legge: With one injury at Center Watts is a starter.

DirtyDawgs: Dean, so far... in your opinion, what/who has been the biggest surprise? good &/or bad
Dean Legge: Biggest surprise to me has been Chris Davis

Chris Davis

teddybulldawg: IS Chris Davis playing tackle or guard?
Dean Legge: Davis is a G right now. He's 265 which is too small to play right now.

DixieDawg02: Which QB has the ever so hard to get "it" factor. That is the one that will lead us to a title
Dean Legge: It factor is Stafford. Stafford's arm is a 9.645 out of 10.

scrunche: dean how is the senior leadership so far
Dean Legge: scrunce - I can't answer that one. They are leading, but that's hard for me to answer

Boehmdawg: Stafford's accuracy?
Dean Legge: Well none of the QBs are hitting all of their bull's-eyes like fans would like.

uga77: John Miller definitely a RS??
Dean Legge: Miller is done, yes. He is practicing.

: How does Dewberry look and how much PT does he get?
Dean Legge: I tihnk Dew gets a fair amount on PT

GDAWGSRUL: any major injuries to b worried about yet
Dean Legge: No major injures, beyond Coates, but the OL can NOT afford any slips

KLC 71: if Andy Bailey has such a strong leg, why doesn't he kick off. coutu still better than him in that area?
Dean Legge: Bailey can't control his leg and that's what Coach Fabris wants.

DirtyDawgs: Dean, regarding A Allen... Keep hearing his name - bowl practice, spring practice, spring game, summer, fall camp... "stud" you call him... is he possibly one of the rare defensive/return/part time Offensive Heisman guys?

Asher Allen

Dean Legge: Not ready to cast my Heisman vote for him yet, but he is special - that's for sure

BEATTENN: Dean, how is Blake Barnes looking? Any chance?
Dean Legge: I think blake is the number four QB. Barnes won't get past Joe T IMO. 

Dawg22: Dean - we know Paul Oliver is the #1 CB, but how does he compare to our stud CBs of the past? Is he as good or better than Jennings or Minter were at this point?
Dean Legge: Oliver will play in the NFL. He looks a lot like Demario Minter to me. I think Oliver will be All-SEC, too. I am not sure if he is faster, Could be better, that's possible.

KLC 71: dean - do you think cox and barnes have a chance to get in the top 2 at qb
Dean Legge: i think cox does

herschelsdaddy: Dean, i'm sure these two will 'shirt, but do Quintin Banks and D Gamble look like potential contributors 2-3 yrs. from now?
Dean Legge: Banks and Gamble are lost in the shuffle right now - that's not hard to imagine. All of the FR look good.

EvansDawg: Does Marcus Washington look soft to you?
Dean Legge: No. Marcus is not soft, he just needs to get mean.

Dawgdayz00: How does Tony Taylor look?
Dean Legge: Taylor is looking like a leader

wayxdawg: Pick one player who "the light has come on" who would that be?
Dean Legge: Byrd has the lights turned on,  But I think Kelin Johnson is going to hold him off.

aspnskidawg: how does Na Derris Ward look?
Dean Legge: Ward is a lot smaller than Pope - well spoken.

coop4hsman: How has Tripp Chandler been looking?
Dean Legge: Chandler looks bigger, but steady. Chandler is very steady. 

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