Will he play?

Chris Davis has always been a Bulldog fan. For him, this is a dream come true, but now he must prove he is worthy. Due to the lack of depth at the offensive line position, he might have the chance this season. One thing he has going for him is that he can play guard, tackle or center. Will he play this season? We will have to wait and see.

Dave McMahon -- How has practice been so far?

Chris Davis -- It is going good. We are all playing as a team. Although when we are off the field we are a family, when we are on the field we are all business.

DM -- Ready for two-a-days?

CD -- You have to be. It is going to be the first day in pads. We will be ready.
DM -- What position are you practicing at?

CD -- I was recruited at tackle, but right now I am at split guard. I have also practiced at center for a little while.

DM -- How much do you weigh now?

CD -- I am somewhere between 278 and 280 pounds. I came in at 260 pounds in June.

DM -- What do the coaches want you to be at?

CD -- They want me at 290 as soon as I can do it.

DM -- Have the coaches talked about you playing or redshirting yet?

CD -- No. It is still up in the air. I just have to continue working hard.

DM -- What do you still have to work on?

CD -- My steps. My footwork. I just have to know the system better.

DM -- You are from nearby Jefferson... how many friends and family are going to be there on September 2nd?

CD -- There will be a ton there, even if I am not playing. My family are all die hard Georgia fans.

DM -- Did you go to a lot of games at Sanford Stadium growing up?

CD -- Yes, me and my grand dad did.

DM -- Have you talked to the coaching staff about possibly playing for the Diamond Dawgs in the spring?

CD -- I have pretty much given up on baseball. I hurt my arm last spring in baseball. Plus I need to concentrate more on football.

DM -- Who is the better football/baseball player... Bo Jackson or Deion Sanders?

CD -- Even though he went to Auburn, I would say Bo because he hit the ball over the lights at Foley Field?

DM -- Thank you for your time and good luck gaining 10 pounds... I don't usually have that problem.

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