Having A Ball

Tony Ball has been an assistant coach since 1985. His last job was as the wide receiver coach for Virginia Tech. Now he is Georgia's running back coach. He is the Dawgs 5th running backs coach since Mark Richt took over in 2001. He talks about his running backs and what has been going on since arriving to Athens in this interview.

Dave McMahon -- How do you like Athens so far?

Tony Ball -- I like it. I have enjoyed what little time I have been here. My family likes it, too.

DM -- Have you been to Athens before?

TB -- Yes. Through various travels I have been to Athens.

DM -- Why did you make the change and come to Georgia?

TB -- It was a good situation for me and my family. I also liked Coach Richt and his staff a lot.

DM -- Some of the older backs have had 3-4 running backs coaches since they have been here... is that a disadvantage?

TB -- It is hard to learn a new system, but we have to all learn together.

DM -- What is your coaching philosphy?

TB -- I believe in hard work. I also focus on the little things. I also believe that the players should be mentally tough in games and in practice. If they are mentally tough, the games should be easy, because they would have been in situations like that before in practice.

DM -- How have the running backs looked in practice?

TB -- These are quality young men. Both the tailbacks and fullbacks have been good.

DM -- What about Knowshon Moreno?

TB -- The first time I saw him was on game film when I was coaching at Virginia Tech. He has a lot of pressure on him. Not only has he have to deal with the change from high school to college, he is dealing with the change from New Jersey to Georgia. That is a big change, too. In practice he is showing great football ability.

DM -- You have been a running backs coach and a wide receiver coach throughout the years... one of the things, Georgia should improve on this season is running backs catching the ball out of the backfield... since you have experience coaching both positions... this could be a real advantage...

TB -- It can be. I think my experience can help in the players to run better routes. If there is a problem in receiving for them, I should be able to fix it.

DM -- Now that you live in Georgia, have you visited any of your former players, such as Michael Vick?

TB -- No, not yet. But I talk to him, DeAngelo Hall and many of my former players all the time.

DM -- Thank you for your time and your answers.

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