Let the Sunshine In

Geno Atkins was the Florida 5-A Defensive Player of the Year and was part of a high school team that was ranked 10th in the nation. He is part of a growing trend of Florida residents playing for the University of Georgia. He will probably redshirt this season, but if he doesn't he will be ready.

Dave McMahon -- How has practice been?

Geno Atkins -- It has been real good. It is very tough. It is a lot tougher than high school and the practices are longer, too. The thing I am working on the most is improving my overall technique. That and the plays of course.

DM -- It has been extremely hot this weekend... but you are used to it being from south Florida... right?

GA -- It feels like more humid here. We had more breezes down there. But you got to go on.

DM -- What do you weigh?

GA -- I am about 283 pounds. That is where they want me at right now.

DM -- What do you learn from players like Ray Gant?

GA -- He is a good guy. He's been telling me about what things I should be looking for during films.

DM -- Who else do you learn from?

GA -- I like learning from Jeff Owens. He is really good.

DM -- How is it playing for Coach Garner?

GA -- He is a great coach. He pushes me a lot. He pushes me to get better. I like that.

DM -- You played for a great team in high school, do you keep in touch with any of your former teammates and have you asked them how their practices are going?

GA -- A little bit. I have talked to Sam Young and some of the others.

DM -- Thank you for your time and answers.

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