Pure Camp: Gordon Ely-Kelso

ATHENS – Senior punter Gordon Ely-Kelso has seen his fair share of craziness during his fall camps at Georgia. Dean Legge talks with him in a Dawg Post feature called Pure Camp, which describes the subtleties of being a Bulldog during the heat of August practices.

What do kickers do now that is different than other times of the year?

We kick a lot more. We, of course, try to get out of as much as we can. But because we are around so much we end up kicking a lot more. That's the one big difference.

What do kickers do in their off time during camp?

This year they have us staying in the Georgia Center, which is different. Normally you are so tired that you don't do too much. Back in the day Billy and Kilgo used to play nine holes of golf when we had two-a-days.

Who is the sweatiest guy you have seen in the last few years?

The sweatiest guy? Wow, that's got to be an offensive lineman. None stick out, but Kevin Breedlove was pretty bad as I remember.

Does anyone in camp eat ice cream?

Brandon Coutu eats ice cream every time I sit down and eat with him.

Do you discuss his weight problem with him?

No. He's alright (laughing). I think he's got the metabolism to do it.

Is there a guy with the fastest metabolism out there?

All of the defensive backs, as a whole, are pretty crazy.

Who is the craziest, most demanding coach on staff during fall camp?

Coach Fabris. Coach Fabris.

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