Nothing changed for Wood

The start of high school football is right around the corner, but nothing has changed for Gainesville's Charles Wood.

Quentin Grant: When we spoke a couple of weeks ago it was basically down to Georgia and Auburn, has anything changed?

Charles Wood: No sir, nothing has changed.

Grant: Does either of the schools stand out more than the other?

Wood: No, they are still pretty equal.

Grant: How is your team looking for this year?

Wood: We're looking good; we are hoping to win state this year. We are ranked fifth in the state, so we want to get that state title.

Grant: When do you guys start playing?

Wood: We have a scrimmage game next week.

Grant: Are you looking at making official visits to Auburn and Georgia before you make a decision?

Wood: Yes sir

Grant: Do you know when you are going to take those visits?

Wood: Probably after the season, because we are hoping to go far in the playoffs.

Grant: Are you looking at making a decision close to signing day?

Wood: Yes sir, that's the plan.

Grant: Are you planning on having a press conference to make your announcement?

Wood: I don't know about all that, I'm not sure yet.

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