2005 Fall Camp: Day Nine Practice Report

ATHENS - The Georgia Bulldogs completed their two-a-day regimen leading up to the 2006 season with their third such set of sessions on Monday afternoon in Athens. The Bulldogs practiced for just over two hours in full pads in the morning and returned to work out for approximately two-and-a-half hours in shells -- helmets, shoulder pads and shorts -- during the afternoon.

Georgia will practice once on Tuesday before the University begins classes for the Fall Semester on Wednesday.

"Today was the last two-a-days of camp," head coach Mark Richt said. "There were only three of them so it wasn't all that rough, but it was a good day of practice overall."

Richt said he has been pleased with the performance of Georgia's receivers and defensive backs to this point.

"I'd say as a group, I think our receiving corps has really done a great job this camp of not only catching the ball but catching the ball in traffic," Richt said. "I think I've seen more bravery in this camp then I've seen in five years. Hopefully, that's a habit that they'll continue on with after I brag about them.

"And the defensive backs continue to make plays," Richt continued. "This afternoon, Paul Oliver had an interception for a touchdown. He should have had another interception for a touchdown but he dropped one that was right in his belly. (Tra) Battle had an interception. Bryan Evans had an interception in the end zone on a jump ball type of situation. Our skill guys are catching it. Our QBs have got to learn to throw it to our guys. Overall, not many balls are being dropped on either side of the ball, which is very encouraging."

On the injury front, Richt announced that linebacker Darius Dewberry and fullback Des Williams will be out of action for a couple of weeks. Cornerback Asher Allen and defensive end Jeremy Lomax missed the afternoon practice, but their injuries aren't as serious.

"Dewberry pulled a muscle," Richt said. "I think it's a fairly significant pull. I know it's more than just a day or two. It will probably take a week or two, but it's hard to predict those. Des is going to probably get a scope on that (right) knee, trim up some cartilage and those things are maybe 10 days to two weeks depending on how he comes off of it.

"Asher's OK," Richt said. "He landed on his elbow (this morning) and it really hit the funny bone. He got that numbing sensation when you hit the funny bone. Lomax is the groin/hip flexor strain area, but it isn't as significant as Dewberry's."

Richt admitted he spent last Friday night doing what many Bulldog fans did, watching the professional debut of former Georgia quarterback D.J. Shockley. Shockley led the Atlanta Falcons to a game-winning field goal in their pre-season exhibition opener against New England.

"I watched every bit of it," Richt said. "I was proud of him. I was living and dying with every play. I just wanted him to get them in field goal range so badly and he did a good job. The other kid (Bryan Randall) did a good job, too. After they kicked the field goal, I called his phone and my family was at the house and everybody cheered and everything. He called me back and we talked. He said he wasn't nervous, that it was like home sweet home being in the Dome. Now, he'll be out there at Green Bay and it will probably be a little bit different sensation at Lambeau Field."

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