Breaking it on down

Preston Pannell enrolled with Georgia in January of 2002. Before enrolling he was rated as the nation's 48th best defensive end prospect. Unfortunately for him and the Bulldog fans he never really got the chance. He is still at Georgia and he is helping out the football team... how? He tells me in this interview.

Dave McMahon -- What are you doing now?

Preston Pannell -- I don't have an official title, but I assist Coach T (Tereshinski) by breaking down video in practices and games as well as breaking down other teams' games for all the coaches.

DM -- How long have you been doing this?

PP -- 2 full seasons

DM -- Why did you stop playing?

PP -- After 4 shoulder surgeries my doctor told me I better hang it up.

DM -- How did you get this job?

PP -- After I stopped playing, Coach T gave me this assignment. This way I can keep my scholarship. Some players work in the weight room, some have other responsibilities. I like my job.

DM -- You said you are still under scholarship... you don't count towards the team's limit?

PP -- No I don't

DM -- Describe the process of what goes on in breaking down films...

PP -- We have several guys filming practices and several times during practice they put new tape in... when they do that the runners, run the tape to me... and while practice is going on, I put the film into a computer and break it down by positions and about 15 minutes after practice is over, I will have the whole practice done and it is ready for the coaches and players to watch.

DM -- You were hurt very early... did you get to play at all while you were here?

PP -- I played vs Georgia Tech in 2003.

DM -- Before you came here, you played at Hargraves with several current Georgia players including Marquis Elmore... most Georgia fans have never seen Mudcat play while completely healthy... we are still hoping he can do it this year, but how dominant was he?

PP -- If you go to Chatham, Virginia and talk to people, they are probably wondering why he isn't in the NFL by now. They used to call him "Zeus". He was that good.

DM -- With all this work with films, do you think you might have a career in movies or tv?

PP -- No, probably not.

DM -- Thank you for your time and your work with the Bulldogs.

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