Chapas returns to field after ACL in 2004

ATHENS – Coming back from an ACL injury is one of the most time-consuming things a football player can go through, but that just what Shaun Chapas was forced to do last year.

With his entire 2005 season wiped out due to the injury, the fullback focused on rehabbing to get ready for college football, which would be around the corner. Shaun Chapas is around the corner now, and he's getting used to his rehabbed knee at the unstopping pace of college football – not easy.

"They give you this big binder, and you are holding it in your hands saying: ‘what is this?' So it has been a little overwhelming," Chapas said.

High school football was not overwhelming for Chapas. He rushed the ball 38 times for 309 yards with nine rushing touchdowns and nine catches for 110 yards with two touchdown receptions in 2004. It was good enough for him to earn an offer from Georgia, and for the Bulldogs to continue with their commitment to him after his ACL injury.

Georgia head coach Mark Richt said that although Chapas has a "body that has matured in such a way that you think that he can handle the physical nature of fullback," Chapas would likely redshirt "because of the depth at that spot."

So Chapas has been working on picking up all the things the Bulldogs expect from their fullbacks.

"The toughest part is picking up the blocking system and the offense," the freshman said. "Overall practice has been good because the fullbacks are helping me out a lot. We have meetings all day, so getting used to playing is not as bad as it looks at first."

Practice was not as bad as it looked, either. But that changed when the Florida native was introduced to college football.

"That's a funny story," Chapas grinned as he recalled. "We were in shoulder pads and shorts the other day, and I was running a route with by back to the defense looking back at the quarterback. Jarvis Jackson stood me up, and let me know that he was there. I had no idea he was there – he nailed me. That was a rude awakening."

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