Heyward updates recruiting

Quentin Grant recently caught up with Cameron Heyward, who updated his recruiting in this short interview.

Quentin Grant: The last time Scout.com caught up with you, your top schools were Pitt, Florida, Georgia, and LSU, has anything changed?

Cameron Heyward: My list has actually grown a little bit, but I think I've narrowed it down a lot.

Grant: What are the other schools you have on your list of favorites?

Heyward: Georgia, LSU, Florida, Pittsburgh and Tennessee.

Grant: Is there any order to your list of schools, do you have a favorite?

Heyward: No sir, it's pretty even right now.

Grant: Have you decided where you are taking your official visits yet?

Heyward: Not at the moment.

Grant: Is there any timetable on a commitment for you?

Heyward: It's hard to say.

Grant: Do you think you want to take your visits first before you commit?

Heyward: Yes sir.

Grant: Are you also planning on using all five visits?

Heyward: Yes sir.

Grant: Are any of those visits planned yet?

Heyward: It think LSU is going to be one of them, and Florida also.

Grant: How's your high school team looking this year?

Heyward: We are looking pretty good.

Grant: When do you open up?

Heyward: We actually have a scrimmage this week and then week after next we will have the first game.

Grant: What did you like about Georgia on your visits there?

Heyward: I really like Coach Richt and Coach Garner, and I just feel like they could help me grow a lot. I just like the atmosphere there.

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