Hold on Tight

David Johnson has been Georgia's tight end coach since 2001 and has had the luxury of coaching 3 players currently in the NFL in Randy McMichael, Ben Watson and now Leonard Pope. Martrez Milner is the only current tight end with significant experience, but there are many more trying to get their shot. Coach Johnson talks about the tight end situation in this interview.

Dave McMahon -- How has practice been going?

David Johnson -- It's been hot, but overall it has been real good. These guys are getting a lot of reps in.

DM -- How has Martrez Milner been doing?

DJ -- He broke his finger earlier in camp, but it is fine now. His back in bothering him as well. But he has been doing well so far.

DM -- What does he need to work on?

DJ -- He needs to be more of a leader. He understands what I expect of him, he just needs to do it. He's been around for a long time and has even started a few games for us.

DM -- What about Tripp Chandler?

DJ -- He is doing very good. He was used as a blocker last year, but now he is stronger and smarter.

DM -- You don't hear a lot about Trahern Holden or Coleman Watson... what about them?

DJ -- They provide great depth. Coleman has had a good camp. He is catching the ball well. He just needs to be more consistant. Trahern knows what to do when it is needed.

DM -- How is Na Derris Ward progressing?

DJ -- He is learning a lot. He has grown up. The first few days were very overwhelming for him. One of the things he is learning is how fast the collegiate game is.

DM -- Is this Tight End University?

DJ -- It has been a good thing. I am proud of the tradition this school has with its tight ends. All the players, even the pro guys stay in contact with us. They encourage the team.

DM -- What is the role of a tight end?

DJ -- The tight end is the total athlete. He has to block and catch and run. He has to read defenses and communicate well with the tackles and the quarterback.

DM -- Is there a tight end throughout history that best describes your description of a tight end?

DJ -- I grew up a Dave Casper fan. He was very skilled and tough.

DM -- Thank you for your time and your answers.

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