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Mario Raley has had 17 career receptions for Georgia. That is a lot less than his 100 receptions he caught as a high school senior or the 107 he had as a junior. He hails from Independence High School, the same high school as Mohamed Massaquoi and Joe Cox and current Gators quarterback Chris Leak. Raley has a great opportunity this year to show that he can play wide receiver in college.

Dave McMahon -- How has practices been?

Mario Raley -- It has been great. It has been a grind, but we got to do it.

DM -- Is this the best camp you have played?

MR -- I have had days that I have played really good. I can't say it is the best yet. It is the easiest.

DM -- Why is it the easiest?

MR -- We only 3 two-a-days and the practices are shorter.

DM -- How great is it to have Mohamed Massaquoi and Joe Cox around?

MR -- Its great to see them. It is like when I was a senior and they were freshmen back home. It is a blessing that they are here.

DM -- How much did you recruit them to come here?

MR -- I called them all the time. I talked to them a lot even back when they were in the 9th grade.

DM -- Ever talk to Chris Leak anymore?

MR -- I talk to him some. I haven't in awhile since he moved and changed numbers. I talk to him a lot before and after the Georgia / Florida game.

DM -- You had some gaudy numbers in high school, how hard was it for you that you weren't the number one guy here?

MR -- It was tough. I went from being at the top of the charts to one of the players on the bottom. The whole experience made me stronger. It gave me a reality check.

DM -- You seem to always make a big catch when the team needs it... have you always been that way?

MR -- Being a receiver, you have to be. You have to have a hunger for the ball.

DM -- You have zero TD receptions at Georgia, I know you don't want a penalty, but have you thought if what you are going to do if you score or are you going to act like you have been there before?

MR -- I will just take it in stride. I haven't plan on doing anything. I am just hoping I will score and score a lot.

DM -- Who is your favorite NFL receiver?

MR -- All-time it is Jerry Rice. The name says it all. He worked hard and has done it. There are a lot of good receivers, but only some have done it, he has.

DM -- Thank you for your time and good luck with that touchdown.

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