Lemon Aid

Michael Lemon is one of those athletes that can play a multiple positions at Georgia. In high school, he played fullback, wingback, tight end, defensive end, defensive tackle and nose tackle. At Georgia he will stick to defense, but where? As a senior he was rated the 51st best defensive end in the nation. He tells me in this interview where the Dawgs want him to play.

Dave McMahon -- How has practice been?

Michael Lemon -- It's been pretty good. I have been getting my reps in. This is a big learning experience. It is a lot tougher than high school.

DM -- You played both defensive end and defensive tackle in high school, where does Georgia have you at?

ML -- I am practicing at defensive end. I like that.

DM -- Have you had to gain weight or are they happy where you are?

ML -- I have gained a few pounds. I am around 255 to 260 right now. I am also quicker.

DM -- Do you miss playing offense?

ML -- Not really, I have a lot of fun on defense.

DM -- What do you have to work on the most?

ML -- I have to learn to keep low. I also have to use my hands better.

DM -- What have Quentin Moses and Charles Johnson been teaching you?

ML -- They are teaching me to read offensives and to have proper technique.

DM -- Tell me about Coach Fabris...

ML -- He is really intense. He wants the best out of you on every play.

DM -- What's the best part about being in the trenches?

ML -- It is so physical on both sides.

DM -- How much trash talking is there on the line?

ML -- It is part of the game. There is definately some trash talking.

DM -- Thank you for your time and answers.

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