What's in the Cards for Clifton Geathers?

Clifton Geathers was 5 Star Prospect as a senior in high school. He waited until after signing day before making a decision to commit to the Georgia Bulldogs. Geathers failed to qualify for college and is now at Hargrave Military Academy. Scout.com caught up with Geathers to get the scoop on his commitment and more.

Clifton Geathers made a commitment after Signing Day to the University of Georgia. After failing to qualify academically, Geathers headed up to Hargrave to play for Robert Prunty's Tiger team. Having spent three days in Chatham, Va. with the new team, words like "NFL Guy" and "Special" were being used freely when describing Geathers' potential as a defensive end.

As for Geathers himself, he made a commitment to Georgia, but never signed his Letter of Intent. That has drawn some questions from the Dawgnation, but should it be of any concern?

"I never signed my Letter of Intent," said Geathers. "I had to go to Hargrave to pull up my scores. I thought I was going to be qualified instead of coming here, but it didn't happen."

What does Geathers need to to in order to get to college?

"I should qualify in about a month. I just need to get my score, and then I'll report in January."

At 6-7 and 276 pounds, Geathers has the ideal frame of a budding offensive tackle, but it's at defense that he is likely to make his mark, and a big mark at that."

"I'll be playing defensive end here." 

When asked if that was the position he preferred to play, Geathers answered with a quick "Yes Sir."

What does the future hold for Geathers?

"By the end of the year, I'm going to take a couple more official visits, and I should know from there. Right now I have a verbal commitment to Georgia, so right now I'm sticking with them. But if there's any other schools out there I might like, then they're in too."

Why did Geathers originally pick the Bulldogs?

"It seemed like I could trust them. I pretty much know everyone there, and I know the campus. It's a great facility and everything else."

Hargrave Military Academy is no picnic, so what is the 6-7 and 276 pounder looking forward to most when he arrives on a college campus?

"A big room," Geathers said laughing.

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