Center of it All

Kevin Perez enrolled at Georgia in January and it is a good thing due to the current lack of depth at offensive line. Perez is lining up at center, a position he never played in high school, but he stepping up to the challenge. Last year the Miami native was part of's Hot South 100. This year he is feeling the pressure of playing for the Bulldogs. How will he do? We will soon find out.

Dave McMahon -- How has practice been going?

Kevin Perez -- It has been going good. It is good getting back at it. I felt like I struggled a little in the spring, but I feel like I am doing better now.

DM -- So how glad are you that you enrolled early?

KP -- I am very glad. I actually came in the day before the bowl game. First it has helped me out in my school work. In football I had a chance to learn the system early and learn the plays. I feel more comfortable than most of the freshmen since I know the system that much more.

DM -- You came in light for a lineman, what is your weight now?

KP -- I weigh about 278 pounds now. At G-Day I was around 260.

DM -- What do you want to be at?

KP -- Right now the coaches are telling me around 280.

DM -- Before this season, how much did you play the center position?

KP -- I mostly played tackle in high school, but I knew when I decided to come here that I would move to the inside. So later in high school I would play some center while warming up, but never in a game.

DM -- Are you adjusting to it?

KP -- I am learning. My pass protect is getting better. Overall I am snapping good. I am not messing up as much as I used to. It's a lot different than guard, but I am getting used to it.

DM -- Is Nick Jones helping?

KP -- Nick has helped a lot. Anytime you mess up, he will critique you and tell you how to do it right. He tells you the truth.

DM -- Being from Florida, are you used to this heat?

KP -- Florida has a different kind of heat. They have breezes. I am getting used to this, though.

DM -- Is there a rule, that offensive linemen from Miami have to wear uniform number 74?

KP -- I knew I couldn't wear 72 when I came here, but next I wanted 74, to keep it as a Miami number.

DM -- Thank you for your time and good luck with the new position.

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