350 Years and Counting...

This is the 50th year (350 dawg years) that UGA has been roaming the sidelines at Sanford Stadium. Sports Illustrated named him "The Nation's Best College Mascot" and who is to argue. UGA's been in movies, on TV, on magazine covers and anything else you can imagine. The Seiler family has owned and has taken care of all the UGAs. I recently talked to Sonny Seiler about... what else... UGA!

Dave McMahon -- How has UGA been this summer? Has he been busy?

Sonny Seiler -- He has not done anything this summer. It has been too hot. We try to keep him out of the heat. He has appeared at several alumni functions, but not much else. He likes staying in the air conditioning.

DM -- When you and Mrs. Seiler go around Savannah, how quickly do people ask "Where's UGA?"

SS -- They usually don't ask where, but they do ask, How's UGA? or Is he ready for the season?

DM -- Do you ever walk UGA around town?

SS -- Never

DM -- Is this the largest UGA?

SS -- Yes by far. This one is around 65 pounds. We are trying to take some pounds off of him. Most of the others weighed around 50 pounds.

DM -- Does this UGA have any other quirks that the other UGA's did not possess?

SS -- This one barks a lot. He likes the attention. He also has strange sleeping habits. He always wants you to play.

DM -- Do you have any other pets?

SS -- No other pets.

DM -- Does UGA get along with any other dogs around town?

SS -- We don't take UGA around too many other dogs. The vet school said we shouldn't.

DM -- Picture day is Saturday... How long have you been taking UGA to picture day?

SS -- Ever since the late 70's.

DM -- How many photos are taken of UGA during picture day?

SS -- 1,000's... I have no idea. There are people snapping photos the whole time.

DM -- Any strange stories during picture day?

SS -- Not really. Every year someone always writes how much longer the UGA line is compared to the players and coaches.

DM -- When you take UGA out on gamedays, how many members of the Seiler family helps out?

SS -- Many do. My wife and I are always there. My son Charles has held UGA on the sidelines for around 30 years and my daughter Swann helps out a lot, too.

DM -- Do you remember UGA's first game?

SS -- It was in 1956, we played Florida State.

DM -- This year UGA might have to share the sidelines with "Ralphie" the Colorado mascot... has UGA ever been around an animal that large before?

SS -- We will never allow UGA to get that close. UGA has been around the Baylor Bear before, he has been around a cougar before and has been around Smokey from Tennessee as well.

DM -- What celebrities has UGA taken photos with in the past?

SS -- Many of them. UGA I had a photo with Ty Cobb. Some of the others include Clint Eastwood, Kevin Spacey, Daryl Hannah, Kenneth Branaugh, Robert Altman, Jay North from Dennis the Menace, Chris Fowler, Kirk Herbstreit, Lee Corso loves UGA and of course Herschel Walker.

DM -- Any more movies in the future for you or UGA?

SS -- No more right now. If someone wants us to and after we look at the script and the situation is right, we might do it.

DM -- Thank you for your time and thank you for having UGA on the sidelines for 50 years and hopefully a lot more to come.

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