In the Nick of Time

Although we don't know who the starting quarterback will be, we do know who the starting center will be. Nick Jones has been a starter ever since his freshman year. In that year, he started the last 5 games at center. The last 2 seasons he was moved to guard, but now during his senior season, he is back at center. The Rimlington Award watch nominee had a chance to talk and this is what he said.

Dave McMahon -- How was today's scrimmage?

Nick Jones -- It's been going good. It went well today. We moved the ball well, I think we ran the ball better today then most days. We are really getting after it.

DM -- Does it seem like everyone's getting hurt... how hard is it to find a rhythm between the linemen?

NJ -- We expect some injuries. We always get little ones. As long as it doesn't carry over to the season, we will be fine. I mean everyone's been hurt a little. Cheese was out a day, Zeb's been out for awhile. I think Zeb comes back around in 2-3 weeks.

DM -- How are some of the young guys on the line progressing?

NJ -- They have improved a lot since day one. They want to learn. They want to work and that is good.

DM -- There has been a few players learning to play center as well as their natural position... how are they doing?

NJ -- They are doing good. They are up to the challenge. There is a lot of responsibilty in playing center.

DM -- Does it seem strange that you are a senior now?

NJ -- It feels like I just got here. I just realized that this is the beginning of the end for me. I am having so much fun. I remember when I first got here at Georgia... I thought what did I get myself into.

DM -- How is the quarterback situation in your opinion?

NJ -- They are all doing good. They each bring something to the table. I am sure that Coach Richt will make the right choice.

DM -- Being the starting center, does the coaching staff ever come up to you about the quarterback situation?

NJ -- We talk a little, but no more than normal.

DM -- Being a senior, do you feel like a leader?

NJ -- I embrace that role greatly. When we lost all the seniors on the line last year, I knew somebody had to step up and I wanted to be that someone. Also, now that I am the center I need to be a leader as well because that is a natural leader position.

DM -- Describe what an offensive lineman should be?

NJ -- They have to be tough, be smart, be big. We are always hitting and getting hit. Offensive linemen are a different breed.

DM -- Thank you for your time and thank you for being tough, smart and big.

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