2006 Fall Camp: Day 12 Practice Report

ATHENS - The Georgia Bulldogs conducted their second full scrimmage of the fall on Friday afternoon, a two-hour session at Sanford Stadium.

"Overall, we stayed pretty healthy," head coach Mark Richt said. "We're thankful that we came through healthy."

"When the ball was in the air, we made plays, especially on defense," Richt said. "Tipped balls were getting picked off. Any ball that presented itself to a DB, they made the pick. (CJ) Byrd got another one and scored a touchdown. I think Paul Oliver picked one for a touchdown. It's getting to be kind of a broken record with those two. And I believe there's was probably one or more two picks.

"Offensively, there was some good hard running," Richt said. "Kregg Lumpkin had couple of good runs. Danny Ware had a really strong run in the overtime period. It was a third and long and he finished it by getting a couple of yards after contact to get the first down. The first offense scored a couple of touchdowns off of drives, which was good to see. (Kris) Durham had a touchdown and Martrez Milner had a long touchdown catch."

Richt said he expects on Monday to name a starting quarterback for the season opener and he felt comfortable that Joe Tereshinski, Blake Barnes, Joe Cox and Matthew Stafford all received equal looks on Friday.

"I think we'll be able to name a starter for the first ball game by Monday, and hopefully, we'll be able to say who else will probably get some snaps," Richt said. "Monday we'll break into scout teams and begin to work on Western Kentucky. At that point, we've got to know who we're preparing. I've felt that we'd have to know something by then so we know who to rally around.

"Whatever we decide isn't necessarily the final word, even if we decide to play two or we decide to play three," Richt continued. "Whoever that third or fourth guy is isn't going to be out of the deal. It's just he'll be on hold for a little while while we sort things out. Hope is not lost by any means. We all know football is a real physical game. None of these guys have been hit yet. There's a lot of things that can happen throughout the course of a season."

Richt said he expects more than one quarterback to see action against Western Kentucky on Sept. 2, but it will be a different situation than during 2002-04 seasons when both David Greene and D.J. Shockley played in a majority of the Bulldogs' contests.

"I would think more than one guy will get snaps in the first game and probably in a rotation setting rather than a 'see how I feel' kind of thing," Richt said. "More than likely it would be just based on a pre-determined roll. Early on (with Greene and Shockley), I had a set thing. Back then, I was playing D.J. because D.J. deserved to play, but I still felt that David was the starter. Now, just because I name the starter doesn't necessarily mean I'm 100 percent set on that. I think we're still in a competition phase, but we have to name someone as the starter.

"I think they all believe they're capable of being a starter," Richt said. "I think they all have done a good job showing that they can take command of a huddle and that they understand the system and that they've got self belief. I think they all believe they're capable of leading the team."

The Bulldogs were ranked No. 15 in the pre-season edition of the Associated Press top-25 poll released on Friday.

"That's not surprising," Richt said. "I always say -- and it's true -- if you win, you move up. Last year, I think were 7-0 and we were fourth. Then we lost and we went down. If we'd kept winning we wouldn't have busted into the national championship game last year. It would not have happened. If we'd won the last game, we probably would've finished fourth or fifth. That wouldn't have been all bad. We were very thankful for 10th."

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