Hold the Line

Neil Callaway has been Georgia's offensive coordinator since 2001. In that time he has also coached the offensive line. Under Callaway nine lineman have signed professional contracts including 2003 first round draft pick George Foster. This year it appears he has some quality on the offensive line, but maybe not the quantity. He gives me his thoughts about this year's line in this interview.

Dave McMahon -- How is the first team offensive line progressing?

Neil Callaway -- They are looking good. I don't think they were as sharp in this second scrimmage as they were in the first. There were some individual efforts that I was proud of.

DM -- Is Dan Inman practicing with the first team or the second team?

NC -- We have been rotating him in and out just out of necessity.

DM -- How is Michael Turner doing?

NC -- I'm pleased overall with Michael's performance. He has done many positive things out there.

DM -- What does he still need to work on?

NC -- He needs to be more consistant.

DM -- Is Nick Jones a natural center or a natural guard?

NC -- He can play either. He is such a great player.

DM -- There seems to be some talent on the first team, but not a lot of experience... right?

NC -- Even though they haven't started, some of these players have played a lot.

DM -- How are the young players like Kevin Perez and the two Davis's doing?

NC -- They are working real hard. They have a ways to go, but they are working hard.

DM -- Have you talked to Max Jean-Gilles, Dennis Roland, Russ Tanner or Ryan Schnetzer lately?

NC -- I talked to Max recently, but I haven't as much as I want to. My time here doesn't allow me to.

DM -- You started being an offensive line coach in 1980... on average, how big was that offensive line and are you amazed how big they are now?

NC -- They were about 230 to 235 pounds and yes I am truly amazed how big and fast they are now.

DM -- Thank you for your time and answers.

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