Shouldering the Load

Zeb McKinzey was supposed to supply depth to the offensive line this season. He still can, but first he has to be practice again. He has been out with a shoulder injury and hasn't hit the practice field. At Parkview High School, McKinzey was the 14th rated offensive lineman in the nation. He was listed the number two split guard on the depth chart. When will he be back? He talks about it here.

Dave McMahon -- When do you think you will be back?

Zeb McKinzey -- I don't know really. I talked to Ron Courson (Director of Sports Medicine) and we don't want to rush it. Sometimes when you come back to fast you reaggravate an injury.

DM -- What is the exact injury?

ZM -- I don't know the medical name for it. It is like a sprained shoulder.

DM -- Same injury you had in 2004?

ZM -- It is the same.

DM -- So what do you do in practice now?

ZM -- I condition for the first hour. I do ab work and stationary work. For the last 20 minutes I usually watch.

DM -- You still can learn a lot from watching...

ZM -- Yes you can. I still go to meetings all the time. I feel like I am mentally ready, I just have to be healthy.

DM -- Overall what does this offensive line need to work on?

ZM -- Overall the footwork needs to improve. We know what we have to do, we just need to do it more.

DM -- You were practicing at center as well as guard before you got hurt, are you still going to practice at center when you get back?

ZM -- I was practicing at both, but we will have to see how Ian Smith progresses when he gets back.

DM -- How is Parkview going to do this year?

ZM -- They will do well. Losing Caleb King is tough, but Coach Flowe always finds a way.

DM -- Thank you for your time and good luck when you get back.

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