Secondary Concerns?

Last season Willie Martinez was named Georgia's defensive coordinator and the Bulldogs responded by finishing 8th in the nation in scoring defense. His other responsibility is Georgia's secondary coach. He has had that role since 2001 and in that time nine of his players have been drafted by the NFL including three last year. He talks about the defense in this interview.

Dave McMahon -- How have the practices and scrimmages been going on the defensive side?

Willie Martinez --We have some good things and some bad things. Some of the older guys have looked good. Our first team looks real good, but our second team has struggled at times. They have looked good at times too, but they are not as consistant.

DM -- You are the secondary coach, but you are also the defensive coordinator, how much time do you spend watching the other aspects on defense besides the secondary?

WM -- I don't do too many things differently. I talk to the others coaches constantly. We are all on the same page with each other. We are very organized.

DM -- Throughout camp I have heard a lot of great things about Paul Oliver, what is he doing differently this year?

WM -- He is more consistant. He is making more plays. He is making less mistakes. He is stronger physically and mentally. He knows our system better, too.

DM -- The rest of the secondary seems to be doing well, too... they are so young, are they just so full of energy that they want to impress on every play?

WM -- There is definately talent there, but there is also a lot of inexperience. They are making plays. They just have to eliminate some of the mistakes.

DM -- Can you think of any of the redshirt freshmen or true freshmen that have a chance to contribute in the secondary?

WM -- It is too early to tell.

DM -- Coach Mark Richt just made a decision on the depth chart in the quarterback race, are there any position battles in the secondary?

WM -- At safety, Tra Battle has looked good and so has Kelin Johnson, but C.J. Byrd has done a tremendous job as well and will get more playing time. The other corner opposite Paul Oliver is open. Ramarcus Brown is looking good, Bryan Evans had a recent setback, but he will be looked at when he comes back. Other guys like Asher and Prince might have a shot, too.

DM -- Another thing Coach Richt has talked about is the new NCAA rule involving the game clock, how does that affect things on the defensive side?

WM -- We should expect more no-huddle offenses. There will be a lot of pressure for offenses to score. The defenses should be ready to make adjustments quickly.

DM -- Thank you for you time and your answers.

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