2006 Fall Camp: Daniel Inman Pure Camp

ATHENS – Senior offensive lineman Daniel Inman has seen his fair share of craziness during his fall camps at Georgia. Dean Legge talks with him in a Dawg Post feature called Pure Camp, which describes the subtleties of being a Bulldog during the heat of August practices.

What was your first experience as far as fall camp was concerned? When did you realize that you were in college football?

When I came in we had freshman camp – three-day freshman camp. Then the varsity came in, and we had two-day acclimation, and then it was straight two a days for two weeks until camp started. Man, like I have said, I don't even know how we did that back then because it was two-a-day, two-a-day, two-a-day. It was straight two-a-day; you didn't have two-a-day with one-a-day in between. Guys' feet were hurt, and you had guys mentally losing it because it was so difficult. It was bad.

Who was your favorite guy to go up against in the last five years?

I learned the most against Pollack. He was one of the best in the nation. I remember when I was a freshman running on scout team with Boss Bailey and Tony Gilbert on the other side. They taught me how to keep working and to learn more. But over the years I would say I learned the most from Pollack. But now Quentin and Charles have helped me step my game up because of how they have stepped their game up over the last few years. You benefit each other out there.

You've had a bit of a temper out there in the past, but who is the guy that you did not want to cross?

I think Odell Thurman and I had a peace agreement of sorts. We never really tangled. He would have been a rough one to go against.

What's your favorite part about fall camp ending?

You get so close to the guys. Everyone is always together. The only time you are not together is when you are sleeping, and some guys are roommates. I think the unity of the team is the most beneficial thing of camp. Now school starts and everyone goes their own way and you are only at practice for a limited amount of time. During camp you run into each other all of the time, and I think that's one of the most beneficial thing of camp.

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