I Think He Likes It

After 2 seasons at cornerback, Mikey Henderson made the switch to wide receiver. If G-Day is any indication, then the switch was a success. The Junior from Buford streaked down the sideline and caught a 64-yd TD pass from Matthew Stafford sending the crowd roaring. Not only is Henderson playing wide receiver, but he is now listed as the number one punt returner. How is handling it? He told me.

Dave McMahon -- How did the scrimmage go today?

Mikey Henderson -- It was good. I did some good things at wide receiver. I made a few mistakes, but I am learning.

DM -- Catch any deep ones today?

MH -- No, a couple of short ones. I had one during our one-minute drills and I think I had one on a screen up the middle.

DM -- Going deep is one of your strengths, right?

MH -- I think it is. I have good speed and I like to go deep. It stretches out the defense and you can go deep to me or throw a short pass to someone else.

DM -- When did you first think about switching to offense at Georgia?

MH -- Back in February, during mat drills. I would joke around with the idea. I even joked it around with Coach Richt. One day it just happened.

DM -- Do you need to put on any more weight to play offense?

MH -- I am at 163 pounds right now. I try to gain weight, but I can't.

DM -- Where are you on the depth chart?

MH -- I believe I am on the 2nd team Z receiver. Although I have moved up some due to some injuries.

DM -- Are you lined up as the number one punt returner as well?

MH -- Right now I am. Last year, I was Thomas Flowers' blocker on punt returns, but now I am the one back there. I feel bad for the guy. He was my roommate for the last few years. I didn't want to take over a position due to a suspension, but I have a job to do.

DM -- What kind of mentalility does it take to be a punt returner?

MH -- You have to be fearless and smart. The last second you have to peak to find where the opponent is at and then you have to decide whether to return the ball or not. It is tough, but you got to do it.

DM -- One of the coaches, said you like to dance a lot... are you the best dancer on the team?

MH -- No, I can't say that. Some of the freshmen are really good... but the best is probably Thomas Flowers.

DM -- Who is the worst?

MH -- That is hard to say. Maybe Donavon Baldwin.

DM -- Thank you for you time and your answers.

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