Say Cheese

Chester Adams has always been big and now he must perform big as well as he is listed as the number one tight guard. The Alabama native was part of the SEC Coaches All-SEC Freshmen Team back in 2004 and last year he won the Most Improved Offensive Lineman Award. Now the junior must replace all everything Max Jean-Gilles. Recently I had a chance to talk to The Big Cheese and this is what he said.

Dave McMahon -- You have not practiced a few times already, are you back at 100% now?

Chester Adams -- I am pretty close. I had an illness the other day and I had a hip pointer earlier in camp, but I am alright now.

DM -- It is hard to keep all 5 of the starters healthy...

CA -- I think overall we have played together most of time. Every now and then someone gets nicked up.

DM -- How much do you weigh now?

CA -- I am at 334 pounds.

DM -- Is that where you want to be?

CA -- No, I want to get down to 320.

DM -- What do you still need to work on?

CA -- I need to be more aggressive out there. I need to use my hands better.

DM -- What did Max Jean-Gilles teach you?

CA -- He taught me patience and how to use my power better.

DM -- Do you still talk to him?

CA -- He usually text messages a different lineman every day.

DM -- Thank you for your time and answers.

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